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There But For The Grace of God
Go I …

F The System

And All The Mindless Slaves


I totally get this guy. I would give him a job if I could.


Our experience is to be centered around relationships. That’s what’s is all about. Thats where the growing comes from. I feel aligned with this man.

Thank you for posting. I’m sharing.


Much Obliged


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This is where God sends me, to help the homeless. Helping them is where my heart is joyed the most. I wonder how many people have walked past a homeless “person” and paid them know mind when they had the ability to help in some way?
I am reminded of the verse “Be careful of your entertainment of strangers, for some have entertained angels unaware”. I know for a fact I have been tested many times.


Taught My Children Well…

They Always Notice

And Help In Some Way…

I’ve Told Several Stories

On The Old DTV…

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There is no reason no reason at all why people own this country should be homeless. It really wont take that much. I figure with 50-80 billion dollars and a some good will, which we have a good amount of, homelessness could be eradicated in this country. Crunch some numbers, prove me wrong. Our defense budget in 2020 was 622.6 Birrion Dorra!

Then again the national debt is at 27 Trillion now, and they are in fever pitch efforts to increase the homeless problem.

A preditorial society. A horde of psychopaths, sociopaths, robopaths, egomaniacs, mice, rats, weasels and scared mother hens that just want to be left alone and die while still wrapped snugly in their delusions.

A handful of billionaires in the world could take care of this in several months tops!

It amazing how in a country that now invents a new victim class seemingly every few months, its willful ignorance of the greatest victims of society is unconscionable and speaks volumes about what the American establishment actually is… TWO FACED CRY BULLY CRIMINALS!

I get the feeling when higher civilizations peek in on us they check on several key things…
Are we a society that allows for homelessness to exist?
Are we a society that permits/ignores psychological criminality and predation?
Actually I think their check list closely resembles the Georgia guide stones.


You Know How They Work It

And Why…

It’s Beyond Deplorable


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Great post, and here we are arguing about our differences. Every person should feel something for this man.


Amen Brotha…



Whilst I feel for this man seemingly unable to find anyone with empathy to actually communicate with him as a human being, He is in a good position for these times as he has nothing left for rich khunts to take off him and he already knows how to survive outside the system and inside as well by the sounds of it. On the off chance that our wandering minstrel reads this post , Kia Kaha brother (New Zealand Maori) for “Be Strong”.


Secondary Reason For My Posting


The world today…2 Timothy 3:1-5.:cry:

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Alive and healthier,

Obediah three years later


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Thanks …

And Welcome to DTV

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Blessings to You


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Where was this recorded?

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I Have No Idea…

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“Online everybody is 6,4 foot with dark hair” - this one made me grin. What we all have watched is someone with a PhD in Life.