Home owners association from hell

Home owners associations (HOA’s)… what can you say?
Each one varies in their degree of restrictions and how they are enforced; from easy going - Yes, the lawn jockey is ok - to outright nazis, that ride around in golf carts issuing fines for… having a lawn jockey in the yard!

However, this story seems to take the cake regarding HOA nazism…

Oh man you should see some of the gated communities these yankee transplant do down here. I am not sure if it is online but you should see Cary NC. They tell you what color your fence can be around your house. They tell you the color,size and type of your mailbox. They even tell you what size FOR SALE sign you can have in your yard if you decide you have had enough of that snowbird hell hole. I have even heard they are tryiing to pass a R.C that tells you how long a vehicle can set outside the house without being moved around to show its not a junker. They come here to establish the same hell they created up north and could not stand themselves anymore.

Why Any One Chooses

To Live in HOA

Is Beyond Me…

And a House With Key Fobs??

As Deplorable As This Was…

Kinda Getting What They Deserve

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Its all about them feeling superior. Look at the trash dump cities they come from but want to move somewhere else and act like different color mailboxes are a horrible eyesore.

It’s Pathetic …

I remember playing in the front yard at my grandparents house while my gramps hosed down the driveway after mowing the lawn and a car came flying down the street which is a 30mph street going fast as hell. Gramps put the hose down got in the car and went after the guy. Came back 10 mins or so later and rinsed off his bloody knuckles with the hose and carried right on hosing down the driveway without saying a word…that car never drove down the street anymore…thats the HOA i grew up with. :joy:


That’s a good story! To hell with speed bumps, eat a knuckle sandwich! :facepunch:

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Fukk Yeh …

My only requirements when I purchased my home, was that the backyard was big enough to grow, and the neighborhood had no HOA’s or Covenant controls. Behind every piece of shit in the HOA, is leftist orthodoxy.



If I Wanna Black Lawn Jockey

And Paint My House Plaid

And Neva Mow The Lawn

Run Round Neked
Smoking Weed

With The Amps Cranked
To 11…Sitting Out Side

Gotz Nuttn to Say

About It



A plaid house would be quite stylish, lol…

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and a nosey know it all from up north usually. One of those people that believe they were born with the knowledge of God and have gotten smarter every day of their life.

I Know Right?

All The Structures

On My Mountain

Are Varying Earth Tones

From Deep Rust

To Sand Stone…

And None of Them Match…

Whats really good about this is they are taking them [homeowner assoc] to court
over it so hopefully it will fly.

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Ya ya ya, lol
We know you have a purple people eater jockey
A muti colored striped house
A meticulously green mowed lawn to the envy of any golf course
Fully clothed
Non smoking
Anne murray cranked to 3

And you have a sign on yer lawn saying
Look at meeeeeeee lol

You weirdo :rofl::joy: