Horror: Pfizer Vaccine zoomed w/ microscope – live organisms?


Now when i had to research for a claim against my former employers for poisoning me with lead chromate in paint. I went through hundreds of these materials data sheets for the different chemicals in different paints and thinners. In every sheet it give full data for all risks. Funny how this data set as NOT AVAILABLE. So there pitting this shit into people and are admitting here they have absolutely ZERO data for safety of all of the ingredients they have used.



What is really funny is this is a new MSDS. The previous had right in the top 1/3 data on lipid nanoparticles being used.

They have changed this document from when I last viewed it three months ago. i should have saved a copy.



We are taking things that are genetically modified organisms and we are injecting them into little kids arms! We just Shoot’em right into the veins!


My girl friend sent me this after I explained to her reality. She would not hear my words and consider being true but after she stumbled on to this. (Smiling) I told her my blood was gold after contracting the virus. Her shot reads that it is possible not guaranteed to be successful.

At a Glance

  • The immune systems of more than 95% of people who recovered from COVID-19 had durable memories of the virus up to eight months after infection.
  • The results provide hope that people receiving SARS-CoV-2 vaccines will develop similar lasting immune memories after vaccination.

Which leads to “What patient profile surveys were conducted on those who are already taking other medications” (?)


Some of that was blurry for my vision… Did the ingredients call for wiggly worm creatures??..


Think back to the posts of face masks the other day with the small black fibres found in them. When i tested 2 of the masks my wife as to wear for work i found that soaking them in hot water made them become active and move. It seems a warmth and mosit environment activities these little black worm/fibres. Now consider this. These have been observed in a warm moist environment and are active. And ask why do these gene therapies need to be stored well below freezing. Is it a case of these cells will die and not activate? Hence storage at super low temperatures? Just another thought i have had pop in my head.


Those just had to be good thoughts because I was thinking along similar lines… :grinning: I bet these little microbe worm creatures can thrive and possible multiply inside a warm human body…


They’re probably designed to seek the hottest area which in mammals is the heart and brain which also explains why there’s so many strokes and heart attacks lately


That is what i am thinking. When the face mask post came up i didn’t see anything under a 10x magnifying glass i use when doing fine detail painting when modelling. It even has white led lighting on it. But remembering that the person in the video was wetting the mask i did the same and soaked it for 5mins in hot water. When hot the worms are visible and start to move. Has it becomes cold they seem to go back to sleep for lack of a better way to describe it. Add it to this new video. Then add to people who contracted morgellons out of no where! Then think air born sparying (chemtrails) it all seems to add up to one big body of wiggly black worms.


Alien worm creatures bursting from the chest… Science fiction comes to life…

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I think the dry freeze of the vaccine prolongs its life while waiting to be injected into the human host. Chemtrails not only disperse these parasites but also the nutrients that keep them active.


stealing that for meme post


Bah, the stuff full of chemicals we eat every day is probably worse than this.

Try to pull it up using the Wayback Machine.

So, my friend, where can I find this video, because my wife and in-laws coerced me (pressured) me to get the vaccine when I was hell bent on avoiding it at all costs. Now I just got my first F-ing injection and I am NOT happy at all. This $#!+ is EXACTLY why I didn’t want to get “vaccinated”. God-damn Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab! God DAMN them!

I want my brainwashed relatives and friends to watch this video, but I need to be able to forward the link to everyone. This is incredibly disturbing! It’s frightening!


Bill Gates needs to be ██████ IMMEDIATELY!!!