Horror: Pfizer Vaccine zoomed w/ microscope – live organisms?

Try to pull it up using the Wayback Machine.

So, my friend, where can I find this video, because my wife and in-laws coerced me (pressured) me to get the vaccine when I was hell bent on avoiding it at all costs. Now I just got my first F-ing injection and I am NOT happy at all. This $#!+ is EXACTLY why I didn’t want to get “vaccinated”. God-damn Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab! God DAMN them!

I want my brainwashed relatives and friends to watch this video, but I need to be able to forward the link to everyone. This is incredibly disturbing! It’s frightening!


Bill Gates needs to be ██████ IMMEDIATELY!!!


Are you referring to Bill Gates Ted Talk where he’s using Vaccination as a means of population reduction? If so, enjoy


I hope you’ll be one of the lucky ones… Will be praying for you too… :pray: I can not tell anyone else what to do about their own health decisions… Only to try to caution them… Something was terribly wrong about the whole Coronavirus scam to start with… The treatments offered seem to be far worst than the original virus… I am not saying this video is truth but it does look scary to me too… I found the link on Bitchute… Type in their search bar, “Pfizer Vaccine Zoomed.”… I can not post the link for you here because the same video will just reappear… Not showing you the actual link… Be well and take care…

You might try this link from Odysee… DISTURBING! Pfizer Vaccine Zoomed w/ Microscope?! Are Living Cells/ Organisms Mixed In?!

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does that surprise that these chemistry set people are lying , whos getting the big money behind this , wonder huh


Exactly !



So after all the evidence being gathered in the last few months with the wormy things found in masks and tests plus the dodgy vaccines roll out, we could make one simple logical deduction.

The first pandemic burnout was a fake one.

The masking and testing was put in place to infest people with the unknown parasite.

Logically connecting the dots it seems these parasites activate through breath, hence opens the possibility they easily find their way to the lungs.

Do they cause harm or not I will leave the conclusion to you.

We see the increase of hospitalisation after the mask policy.

We see MSM demonising all the antiparasitic drugs while promoting a vaccine that nobody really knows if helps.

My conclusion is that the real massive cvd wave is yet to come because people are not really scared enough to take the jab until folks around them start falling ill.

P. S.
-It was the masks that started it for real.
-The jab is a gene therapy getting you ready for the new world system.


Ever see the Ebola Virus? It’s a worm!


I never saw it but I believe you…

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That is so flicking scary cause so possible. Suggest staying away from Flu Shots…

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