Hot summer - ccp in full control of usa, chinese scientist suicide fall, china locking down again?


Do you sell a lot of those pipes I got buddy owns bunch of shops maybe hook u guys up

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I don’t believe he really did loose that election and frankly
all the media was against trump not for him they relentlessly
went after him over every single word he spoke?

Why are they still going after him then?

I don’t think trumps a great man but he’s not
half the senile pedo old pos running the country now sadly.

Just the way the dems tried to stop the auditing of the elections
results was enough to tell us they cheated if they didn’t they
would have nothing to hide but they most certainly
do even to the untrained eye.

That alone tells us more about them then trump.

I dont even like trump much but i’ve never seen so much slanted twisting of words and meanings and so much relentless hatred put upon one man in the spotlight he must have ruffled some globalist nwo shills feathers to have them that angry at him.


I just got one myself!! Deff worth it fir a quality ,natural, wooden pipe!

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Ccp in control of the states lol sounds like alex jones saying hollyweird is controled by chi coms lol. Lets all pretend israel doesn t exist.

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Im starting to get more into wholesale send me an email me i can send yall a some samples


Awesome bro thanks!!!

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