Hour interview with a young music producer named Digital Nas

Digital Nas Interview on The Producergrind Podcast. On this episode Digital Nas talked about being apart of the original Soundcloud wave with artists like Yachty, Carti and Keith Ape. We also discussed the effects money can have on ones career, especially when it comes to motivation. In addition, Nas gave his perspective on the messages the music industry sends out to listeners. Finally we discussed how culture influences and drives the entire industry.

0:00 Digital Nas Interview Intro 0:24 Come Up Story (Working With Yachty, Carti, etc.) 5:22 Dropping Out of College 8:00 Nas Feeling Like He Made It After ASAP Placement 10:30 Getting a Check Made Him Lazy 12:20 Signing An Imprint Deal With Warner 13:53 Importance of Having Vision 17:00 Process of Getting Signed 19:13 Labels Target The Youth 25:25 Production Process And Using Loops 29:52 New single “Project Pat” and New Project 31:30 Nas Realizing He Need To Get Back To Work 33:15 Saving Not Spending!!! 37:15 Label Considering Dropping Nas 40:30 Being A Part Of Skate Culture 43:33 Warner Being Hesitant About Embracing Skate Culture 46:22 Self-Talk And Finding Your Motives *Deep Talk Coming lol 52:40 Working With Artists That Promote Evil Messages? 56:00 (Overrated. Underrated. Or Burnt Out) - (56:28) Supreme - (56:55) Publicity Stunts For Clout - (57:10) Producers Charging For Collabs - (57:54) SuperBowl 59:11 Random Questions - When Was The Last Time You Watched A Tutorial? - (1:03:29) Whats Your Favorite Meal? - (1:03:51) Yall Already Know Carrington Had To Ask(Grizzly Or Gorilla)

These young men make me smile because they bring me hope in humanity and young people. In general people don’t sit down and speak what these dude are talking in a roundtable.

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