How a Jew became a Nazi

I’m new to this site so sorry if I inconvenienced anyone. I was figuring the best way for me to upload & share videos for this website, seeing how very little formats are supported for uploading videos. So I had to find a video hosting site, & I decided to go with Vimeo. Either way, enjoy!


great video.
there is a lot in there that most people are simply unaware of.
as it says, many jews served germany in ww2 and they weren’t under duress.
they didn’t like what was happening either.
but alas, as we know, the victor writes the history.


Nice! Now it works.

No wonder Zionists are so ruthless at promoting their victimhood status. When your crimes are this bad, yer going to need one. What happens when that fades away and the whole world demands you answer for your crimes in unison? It’s coming…

Would love to hear a rebuttal to this video from any of the newly joined Zionist shills, or lurker Zionist who keep watch anxiously from the shadows. Come on you’re sharp cookies and masters of spin, you can do this!

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Even some jews hate communism. Mystery solved.


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Let’s give this here beeyootee a mornin’ bump. In case any one of the nearly 15 million Jews in the world wants to try and tackle this one…

Oh wait the video is gone! Can’t make this shit up folks, you really can’t!


Vimeo banned me for it LOL I’m trying to find a site where I can upload & stream it. Cause it really is a crazy ass video. The website Streamable only allows for 10min uploads unless you pay. ugh.

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Sorry to hear that. It was on Youtibe a few years ago, now I cant find it there either. I guess we can only thank Vimeo for showing us who we are not allowed to criticize.

A quick Schmoogle search proved my suspicions that Vimeo is a company founded by Jews…

Zach Klien and Jake Lodwick

Cant upload either all kinds of shenanigans going on on the internet right now, obviously its the “Russians”. Me thinks these assholes are in panic and hard at work…

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For some reason I can’t see the video, but I was interested in seeing it! Can anyone else? lol

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Working on it right now. Splitting it into seperate parts then uploading.

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OK quick fix Heres a link to the video:


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I actually didn’t expect to watch most of this, but I was really sucked into it! This is an interesting video! I like the theory behind this, it sounds plausible to some extent.






this is the most mild-mannered nationalist socialist advocacy I’ve ever seen

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don’t like the truth mate?
they say the truth hurts.
anyone who has truly questioned the narrative already knows most of the information in the video.
try and debunk it, go on i dare ya.
good luck.
did you watch the vid? national socialism was incredibly successful, that’s why the “world” attacked.
if you had a political leader who got things done you would probably love him too.

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truth often does sound plausible.
the deeper you look into this subject the more you realise it is the truth.

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This video is a crazy one. W/ everything I hear & read about the Rothchilds. The things I know… funny how this 1 never comes up. Contrast that to how the leftist media is now calling and comparing Trump to “Hitler”
Interesting indeed.

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such a touchy subject this one.
many don’t have the courage to even contemplate it.
why is it so taboo?
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Oh it’s a whole lots worse than that.

Anyway you slice it Hitler was a patsy. They built him up to be the boogie man they needed!

Furthermore as a Russian I can’t stomach the Hitler love. Yet we must understand how truly advanced their control and manipulation is. Also I think the kid who made the clip is Jewish, so no not all are silent.

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