How did you come up with your name at DTV?

Oh wow, some of your stories are so fascinating! Lol I really do enjoy learning everyone! I guess that is the educator in me. :rofl: :rofl:

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Atm i actually use my real name(Dutch/Fries dialect)

But i run tru dtvaccounts like clean underwear(ragequit), on most forums i use echtwelniet(realornot).




Sia was the divine personification of perception, in particular, the accurate perception which is necessary in order to understand the truth


Many years ago I needed a handle name for my email… Something I could relate to and easily remember… ( My-Kind-Loving-Papa ) was created along with a birth date… ( mklp316 ) Since then the handle name just stuck…


Derring Do is an old english phrase that means

“Action displaying heroic courage.”

Its origin for me also has a Star Wars connection :joy: … I used to play an online SW game many moons ago and I was looking for a fitting name for my new Jedi Knight character – I phoned a more learned friend for inspiration and he hit me with Derring Do straight off the bat :grin:

I even gave the character blond hair and the Errol Flynn tash & beard :joy:

Now, its a standard I hope I can live up to if ever required. :grin:


I always thought your handle was related to Robin Hood… :grinning: The champion of injustice…


I chose my original name back in 2010 after lurking for a little bit and finding some people pretentious and arrogant. So I chose an oxymoronic name, Truthdefender, after the old saying about how truth needs no defense.

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

― Augustine of Hippo


Apparently the phrase was used a lot in the promotion and reviews of Errol Flynn movies – stuff like “Flynn displaying his usual derring do”

And Flynn & Robin Hood go hand in hand.

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Is this a pic of your ancestors? Or was you the photographer? Cause you dont seem to be in it. lol

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Cool post, something different :+1:

I got my idea for DarkShroom from evilmushroom
that does not seem to be around anymore.


Haha… no I wasn’t born until 81’. Far more advanced.

I’m animated with CGI. :joy:


Shattering the illusions of ego. It’s what I do. lol jk i used to take a lot of psychedelics + I thought it sounded cool.



I’ll be enjoying some psilocybin this evening on the dock.


O that is most excellent! I’ve always been an acid man, provides a certain clarity. Nothing touches the wisdom of the fungi though. Can’t wait for them to be in season again. It’s been 2 years since I’ve had some


These are dry as a popcorn’s fart but I’m thinking they’ll still work.

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Hell yea if you eat enough they will. lol

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Your pup in the back almost looks like a statue. lol

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Im done guessing i cant figure it out im to High

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Thats Carl. He’s a Heeler mix. Now that you mention it…he reminds you of a gargoyle on the top of an old building

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Mine was my DJ name back in the 80s & 90s.
The odd spelling was to avoid getting sued by Kellogs :grin: