How Do You Identify?

Because it rhymed with the rest maybe? It was all meant in jest. Do you have a problem with it?

not when it’s in jest.
no problem at all.
maybe next time chuck an emoji in there somewhere so people can tell it is in jest.
it is hard to define the intent of the comment when there is only text.

No worries man I see colour and comedy in the cacophony.
Clouds of confusion, chaos an intrusion,
Not preaching, reaching the age
when time tells us to keep turning the page.

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Why? To make YOU happy? You took one line out of my entire post why? Because YOU wanted to take offence to it. Maybe you should think of how you read things.

not into Tell Vision

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relax I thought you were the jedi master

maybe you’re fos.

there you go four lines.
well done karl.

Lol well yes, but also you cut me … I make you cry. :joy:

Some people are easily pleased with their rare air
Systematic in the attic
A nut or noodle to bamboozle both I dare
say Silence is a virtue trick


I am relaxed… why do need to say that?

Ok… you can copy and paste… to try and make up for your haste.
I still won’t change my style,
Even if it makes you cry a while.

You seem on edge brother


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Him, her, they, them
Don’t need no new friends
Can’t pay rent but you’re flexin in your new Benz
Who cares about style sense?
Make your fuckin life end

Ya better keep your distance
I’ll beat you with persistence
Cryin like an infant
It’s clear that we’re different
:wink: :beers:


No need to bleed I didn’t throw a stick or stone
But bent intent may be better spent leant
by feeding your needing not pleading to atone
Nor prone alone with ‘dog & bone’ scent.

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Why? Because I had to teach a lesson? Nope I’m fine.

Ok brother this is much better from you,
Words I can very much relate to.
You see it was only your reaction
That made me give you clarification.
It was only the way in which you read,
Which gave you your opinion instead.
I never once was pissed with you,
But yo myself I must stay true.

Wry? Spry not Shy to Show what I know is Aglow and gleaming from dreaming
is Oneirological gleaning,
Leaning on the Ledge with a promise or a Pledge
Is Wishing Fishing not Dishing Dirt
Hearing is nearing your True Frequency

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