How Scientists Are Restoring The Great Barrier Reef

Despite mass coral bleaching events in the summers of 2016 and 2017 that badly damaged parts of the reef, and despite some reports, much of the marine park, roughly the size of Japan continues to thrive. Although some are in bad shape…and cyclones don’t help much…A visit to the largest living structure on Earth remains an experience of a lifetime…

Over the past couple of years, coral has regenerated and local scientists have developed innovative ways to foster coral growth both in and out of the water…

Johnny Gaskell and his team have been propagating coral in nurseries built within the marine park, and also in custom-built tanks where the corals spend four to five months growing before being planted back into damaged reef sites…so while it’s still early days and a massive undertaking, I hope this pays off…

Cheers guys :beers:


A true natural wonder of our world…I do wonder with normal cyclic shifts on our planet, if it is inevitable that it will die off and regenerate elsewhere. :beers:


When I was a kid in school we discussed this and we figured it would already be gone. I’m glad people care enough to keep it alive. :+1:

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That caroma tub gives it a run :rofl:…good question mate and I’m not sure of the answer…but it’s been there a long time…it was once connected to the mainland :beers:

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That was a concern I heard at school too…then we had the crown of thorns issues…lucky she’s a tough cookie…but it is good to see people up for the challenge… :beers:

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nice again Skips, breathtaking part of the world, hope that all Aussies will get her repaired once again, it`s on my bucket list. … :beers:

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I heard the reef is doing quite well mostly.
Maybe as one end dies offa bit the other grows?
Just a thoughts…

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Cheers brother…I think there’s enough people keen enough to avoid her getting terminal…it was the reefs and stuff that had me keen on marine biology as a young bloke…it was only the lack of interest in studying that saw me switch up lol :beers:

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Me too mate, no doubt she’s gonna go through rough patches like we :beers:all do…got me thinking bout that massive pumice raft that heading toward it…apparently that was gonna help with all the animal life on and around the raft…

Hope alls well your end bro

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