How to deter Jehovah's Witness knockers


THAT…is priceless :+1:t2::joy:
Im looking for one of those stickers right now :grinning:

Edit: found it, but i dont have $10.99 to spare lol

If it was $5.99 i would get it,

But i think i would rather buy the admin here some coffee instead lol

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Why not screen shot it, crop and copy then print. You could sell a shed load of the stuff :wink::+1:

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Yep, Or find one on the net and do the same.
Good stuf! :joy:

I berate the guy for dragging his kids out on a Sunday when I’m sure they’d rather be out playing with friends instead going door to door with you…

Pwned! @TheAlien just print it, don’t be a total n00b

We used to have a sign that read:

I shoot every 3rd Jehovah,
The 2nd just left here,
Feel Lucky??

And it had guy pointing a revolver at you on the sign.

Dude…do you own a computer and a printer? Make your own fricken sign. You can tailor it to your needs like say…public servants like bylaw officers, police. You get my drift?

Star_Man are you and Star_Scrier both from the same Star ?

Perhaps it is providential that they are there for you.

??? Error ???
No, but we are friends here. :sunglasses:

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I always invite them in for a lively doctrinal debate…

They don’t come back.

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Wow, so much love lmao :joy:

And i dont know what that means lol

Where is it? I hope Amazon Prime. Must have and even if it stops one knock it’s worth it.

Yes, thats where i found it

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I don’t mind buying it it’s something I can’t make at home. Laminated and sticky count me in!

@TheAlien its like… u know when u 1v1 on CS scouts and knives and ur KD is like 0/30

What did you search? I’m having issues.