How to RESPOND Rather Than REACT to People and Situations

Here is the man with the biggest wisdom on the internet hvis man knows what he talks about and there is a deep Deep wisdom in his word for us all to learn from


Hi @ditogdk, please write at least a few words in your future opening posts. Just posting a link or video is considered thin content here. Thank you.

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I don’t know how to make a text on the topic

I found it a little confused sing

Can you have compassion towards someone like… Hillary Clinton? Or, George Soros… Bill Gates?


They need it the most


Oh god, I tried to watch but he’s just like any other hippie pseudo-intelectual, acts all wise and preachy but is just as flawed as all of us. I actually trust Christians more, because these kinds of people just say they stand for “love” but at the end of the day only care about themselves.

Actually, his advice is about as Christian as it can get. As Christians, our primary directive is to love God first, our neighbor as we love ourselves, second. I believe that in order to love God we must love one another. However… how do we love ourselves?
It’s a puzzle and a complex and challenging one. I also believe that in order to piece the puzzle together it must start with overcoming fear, regardless if if means our own death.


@silverfox maybe his advice is sound, I just personally tired of these hippie types, I spent a good chunk of my life with them, and they were always all talk and just cared about themselves at the end of the day…anyone can learn to say nice words, how you think Hitler got into power? I learned to judge actions not words.


Yes without mentioning Christ at all. Without that all the rest of what he says is just impossible philosophy.

He reminds me of one of those hippie gurus who leads a sex cult.

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Thamks you Otto so do i for the exact same reasons.
Your a very perceptive person Otto.
Wise man. yep.

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You know too Danny.
As usual too.
Wisdom is attained not taught.

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I think Otto hads a problem with hippies … I am a hippie By heart but you cannot see it when You look At me and actually you cannot hear when you listen to me cous i keep my mouth shut and let Odder the people do the speaking

I agree that we need to think before we react. However this man presents as a passionless unconcerned and complacent person who would not be upset if the world were to be destroyed in his face. His lack of passion is a big red flag and is probably a phony presentation he makes of himself to appear like he is disciplined and doesn’t react to opposition. Somebody with such a demeanor is easily dismissed by people like me. I am passionate regarding my convictions, and while I am not violent, I do get passionate over subjects and situations that are important to me, and I have many things that do matter. While I dont react like a wet rag, which is his appearance, I also am able to express myself assertively without hostility and without attacking others (though sometimes do). I often put myself in the presence of volatile and adversarial people, trying to turn their heads regarding what knowledge I have in certain subjects that is imperative for people to comprehend to change the course humanity is headed. I find the best action to be assertiveness, not passivity.

You cannot change the big mass when you start to change and convince other people of your own the Belivs of what is good and bad for the people when you meet resistant … When you violent people’s freedom… Call change start with in and you withdtraw … And start to meditate and you see the world is Just An illusion and all the trouble in the world is just to extract jo from yourself … Alex everybody with draw først den we can make peace in the world

@ditogdk I can not see you but based on your posts you are one of those new age hippie dippy guys, who likes to talk alot of pseudo-wisdom, and I bet you smoke alot of pot and say its not a drugs, it helps you open up your third eye or some bs like… at least thats what you coming off as.

whos the guy in the video?
Do ya’ think he knows
we can still see his body,
…& whos Alex?
why do i want to swing my head
to it side
to scream,
so i don’t spray
on my laptop’s screen.

Hmmmm… image

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner, can pick them out in a crowd…they can mess with your brain in a hurry.

If ones inner clockworks tick (knowing the difference of good/evil, moral/immoral, love/hate) ones Intuition will provide adequate Reaction even before conscious mind can react. In a world full of Aggression this is a Survival Skill… one cannot Respond to Evil, reasoning with Evil is Futile, one must React or Evil will eat him up for lunch.