Huge UFO Spotted In Poland

Looks very interesting…


Dance star bugs, dance for us. Show humanity how the masters do techno trance.

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Looks interesting, I dont think theres many Chinese lanterns in Poland. We dont know half the stuff that goes off above them clouds. Sometimes it feels like I can almost sense something up there.

That was so hilarious… not

what’s wrong billy, i here Poland has some killer Trap music…

Hey buddy, how are you? Hope your feeling ok. Poland is so backwards lol all those Eastern European are still stuck in trance and 80s music. But this sighting looks pretty bonified to me. Starting up bills ufo chat again, this is too censored and tracked. Cappy said to say hello to you. She wrote me a message via email. I wonder what happened to wolly?

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K, yep monitored to the max,
i love it…DiscoBot rules :eye:!
That 11yr cycle has again rolled back around,
those’ unexplained magnetic waves, once electrified tend to align with our panet/souls molten core… i chatted w/her 2day…

Wow, see the synchronicity…that’s ausome you chatted with her…you down for another bills ufo chat!!!

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Has it been 11 years??? Since bills ufo chat went silent???

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