Human Animal Hybrid

Lately Ive seen a Trend in the narrative of this Human-animal hybrid mutation, suddenly movies, tv shows and cartoons were introduced all with the same narrative. Its this some kind of predictive programing??

I still remember reading in 2019 when some scientist started with this experiments of a human hybrid with a pig or something like that but we never hear anything again.

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Hello diego…

I’ve noticed this as well…

Is combining humans with standard animals we already know about just laying the tracks in order so that when you see human/alien combinations its not so shocking?

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The Russians already tried this in the 1920s


By artificial insemination or were they gene splicing back then?

Both. It was proven fact they were able to produce at least one gorilla/human child. But they did not get what they wanted. They wanted a creature with the I.Q of a human but the strength and stamina of a gorilla. What they actually got was the opposite. The lab was in Siberia and eventually either for political or plausible deniability the lad was destroyed and the researchers were murdered. One female managed to escape and make it to a remote village. Russians found that the DNA if it can be manipulated to accept another species sperm the I.Q will follow the strength of the least intelligent creature and the strength of the least strongest.
As a law in nature a female egg will not accept a sperm from another creature that is radically different. The Russians were never able to find a medium to make them both acceptable to each other. This is a truth that was thrown into the conspiracy tin foil hat files until the late 70s when people came forward with pictures of the hybrid female and related stories about her. This village had no idea the lab existed so it would have been hard for them to just make it up and be that much on point.


Thats so messed up.

Now they’ll do it with robots so that won’t be a problem.

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I fear a robot less than a mutant human, or a hungry human. When it all boils down a robot is still a mechanical device and it has weaknesses.
This hybrid was named Zana. She supposedly mated with a full human man and had children and lived in the remote village until her death

zana ape woman


One can’t argue with that…

Unless the robot is built with unmatchable skill sets.

See through walls. Fire rockets through said walls.

Extremely small vulnerability areas to shoot at…

I do see your point though. Who knows.

That looks like a cross between a gorilla and the Mona Lisa. :grin:

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The 1984 alien at the end of the Olympic ceremony and just the ceremony itself was always very suspicious.


armor piercing 300 win mag with explosive tips. It has to look out and sense its surroundings. It has to have some kind of lubricant storage, pop a hole right there. Hit one of the moving limbs where a joint is located. Many weaknesses to exploit

There is only one God. He created the universe. The world is a fallen place with those that believe the lie that they can be their own God. Whoa be to them.


God will hold all these people accountable for what they are doing!

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Yes he will

Looks like a photoshopped mona lisa with downs


Shes ugly Sarge but I have saw the old style photos on display. My doubts come into play with her actually being part ape. There are many birth defects and DNA faults that cause people to resemble animals sometimes. Like the bearded woman or the elephant man or such. I believe Zana was real, but maybe really not half ape. What is for certain is that since the fall of The USSR and end of cold war many scientists have said the experiments done in the 20s were truly happening. I believe they are still happening in this country as well. Montauk NY would be one place to research and see.

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I think i’ve read about her too but i’m not certain

This is indeed true…

Perhaps, but this has been going on for some time.

Helena Bonham Carter has the same looks, even without the chimp prosthetics

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