this outfit discuss various topics

  • they do seem to see the aetheric field as divine tho and don’t see Jesus Christ as the co-creative Word, Redeemer etc.etc. and don’t recognise the Holy Spirit as the only ‘Divine’ spiritual presence in this realm,
  • however some of their info especially on chemical/atomic phenomena can be helpful to understanding the aetherial/material.
    love to know if their transmutation stuff works.
  • what conclusions one draws from this is up to you.
  • i see the aether as a non-divine ‘secular spirit’ medium that the creator seperated from Themselves and that the Word was spoken into creating matter *a process to enable a realm to create harmonious unpredictable equals, which we can be eventually, after ressurection and new heaven/spiritual realm for us to exist/grow post millenial kingdom etc etc,.
  • but this needs to occur in a zone of both good and evil hence not divine.
    the aether does have spiritual qualities and is effected by atomic/chemical/light/geologic harmonics and by emotional/living spirit energies from us(proto-Gods), angels(good and bad, maybe proto-Gods) and all other non proto-God life(plants and animals).
  • enjoy



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Awsome link!
This is gonna take some time reviewing.
But looks as though it has some interesting topics.
Thanks for the link, and the shoutout! :sunglasses:

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A solid link, this definitely will take some time to get trough,
should be easy though the site navigates well.
For the most part, this kind of info
(reaches out &) just grabs ahold of me…
Thx O’

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This will take weeks to go through, recognize 30% at best, lot of info to take. Transmutation of elements videos I have seen before, there is definitively something going on there. That talk about denser reality coming up may not be a hog, I dismissed it just to have my intuition intervene… have you also noticed that time between prayer and manifestation is getting shorter? From months to weeks or even days now.

Now That You
Mention It…

Yes Indeed
Prayer Manifestation
Has Quickened…

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