Humans on Mars? Not so fast

New studies reveal that settling on Mars will probably be very difficult.


It’s going to take longer than they expect to,that’s for sure…underground is probably the best bet so far…the people selected to go have been informed already that they might not be coming back


Probably, lets see first what they are going to achieve with the moon, NASA was strongly promoting that “we are going to stay”, im really curious to see where that leads.


Its fascinating but why would anyone want to live in such inhospitable place anyway i wonder.
There must be something there they know of and we dont thats my gut feeling.
Looking for something specific and very powerful or important my guess?
Good topic very interesting thanks hey.


Hey Loudon whats a bet already on the moon maybe for some time yeah?
Would you be surprised?

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Not necessarily looking for life,as much as finding some place to go after we destroy this place🙄

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Nobody goes where its inhospitable for no reason, not like they go just to check out the weather is it :joy: there is something there gauranteed.

So it was gonna be as easy as a walk in the park to settle on Mars before these new studies???

Does that mean that NASA has found a solution to the radiation issue?

" This animated gif shows how particles move through Earth’s radiation belts, the large donuts around Earth. The sphere in the middle shows a cloud of colder material called the plasmasphere. New research shows that the plasmasphere helps keep fast electrons from the radiation belts away from Earth."

Credits: NASA/Goddard/Scientific Visualization Studio

› Download this visualization

After two probes launched to study this phenomena. The results are very interesting. They fail to tell us exactly what types of radiation are present and at what levels of emissions.

25,000 miles of radiation to get to the moon is why I question the Apollo missions. Specifically, If an astronaut penetrated this radiation belt not once but twice (departure and return) with nominal radiation protection in that day. How are they still living today? You should be able to walk up to any of those astronauts with a Geiger counter and detect what hasn’t left the body. That is why I want to know just how potent the belts are and of what radiation/s sources?

Radiation is Deadly isn’t it?

You would think Kobes…
I dont trust anyhting anymore,
I wonder if they are even on Mars or if they are faking it like the moon might have been.
or if they are its with Black budget hi tech that we think are space aliens when they occassionally get spotted.
Im not even sure this earth is round anymore, im that sceptical of everyhting i read and hear from any ms source.

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Me too remember Kubricks space oddyssey?
Social conditioning.

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