Hypocrisy at it's finest. Twitter condemns internet censorship in Uganda during elections

Twitter has zero credibility when it comes to censorship because they are one of the worst offenders.


whaT Hypocracy

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Hypocrisy is a trait of sociopaths.

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Pot meet kettle. Any questions?

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Check out this hypocrisy too,
corporate liars they talk about “progress” equality diversity
but when it boils down its all very one sided and the
actions of these globalist instituions of voluntary
data gathering shew us this over and over.
These global data firms like fb twatter goolgle are fine with the pedos and wackoes
in front of kids they wont censor that wft??? etc

It’s not censorship. It’s keeping destructive elements out of the country.
Think we (Poland) should do the same, and hopefully will do so after Ziobro’s anti-censorship bill passes.

Everyone should delete both their twitter and facebook acounts… while facebook really won’t care because they have over 1 billion users…twitter depends upon the US for over 70% of its 175 million user base…

Personally… I dropped facebook like 8 years ago and never had a twitter account… those peeps is EVIL.

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