I am one of millions who have chosen not to have a Covid vaccine. Does that


My appointment for the jab was on Thursday … needless to say I didn’t attend.

Only 1 other of my friends have not taken the jab. Most had it this week so from my close friends and their spouses, thats only 2 out of 10 that have refused.


You made the right decision, i think. How your friends react to your no-jab-attitude?


Haha … its funny you mention that :joy:

We have a private chat group that we use on WhatsApp and one of my friends has taken serious umbrage to my decision.

He even said that he was worried about me and that I may do harm to myself :joy:

He accused me of being in peoples faces about this whole subject. I asked him for an example of this and told him that I have only ever provided information to educate so they can make an informed decision and only ever stated that I was not taking it.

Shortly after this he left the chat group without backing up his statements :joy:

Most of my friends are ok with my decision. Even if they are not ok with it we have all known each other long enough to realise that if I make a decision like this, no one will pressure me otherwise.

My mum is upset that I didnt take it but again she knows better than to argue with me over something like this. And we have a good relationship so whilst she may be upset we talk and thats it :grin:

My friend has rejoined the channel – he knows it was a kneejerk reaction … but that doesnt stop me now winding things up by saying stuff like “You’ll know I was right when they turn on 5g and you all start walking backwards” :joy::joy::joy:


I had clots in lungs during neck surgery…not taking that chance…if others are vaccinated then ones who aren’t will be only people to get COVID :laughing:


I am surprised you even had an appointment… I do understand there is a lot of propaganda, add campaigns and pier pressures to get people to submit… The carrot they are dangling, is we’ll get to have our freedoms back… We should have never lost our freedoms to start with… We’ve never had worldwide lock downs and economies shut down for a Flu Virus before… Especially, with a 99.7% survival rate…These measures were never needed in the past… What is so different today??..

There seems to be a concerted effort to get everyone to take the vaccination… Just like the concerted efforts to get everyone to practice social distancing and wearing masks… With so many reports now coming forward of terrible side effects for many who have taken the jab… We have other therapeutics that seem to be more effective for those who actually become ill… Like HCQ and Ivermectin… So the whole program of releasing the Coronavirus, to the cures offered seems very nefarious to me… I am not willing to play into those games… Hope you and yours can avoid submitting to those poisons being injected into your bodies… Stay well and stay safe my Friend…


The UK Government is making your appointment!! … its issued automatically via the NHS. So no choice in that :joy:

… and you cannot cancel the appointment, only resheduled by Internet or telephone – which I didnt do either.

I do feel slightly bad that I didnt reshedule as it appears ignorant but hey-ho :man_shrugging:

The only person I am concerned about is my young nephew (3yrs) … I’ve told my sister Im not happy with him getting it … I hope she listens to me.

You and your family stay safe too bud :grin:

Not to be a scare mongerer but there are precarious times ahead.


So, you didn’t get the vaxx then right?

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Damn dude … hope your all good now.

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Thank you, Brother… As far as I know, that are not doing that in the USA, as yet… I expect they will if that program is successful in other countries… I am an older guy now… Not as strong and healthy as I once was… It will still take 10 burly men to hold me down and force that shot into my body… Because I am not playing into it… It doesn’t matter how many appointments are made for me either… I see these Draconian Measures as a trespass against our fundamental human rights… I do not trust the Demons that brought us the Coronavirus or the the cures they are offering…


They are also assigning various unique ID’s and Numbers to everyone which also starts alarm bells ringing.

And the unique references WUA (Wuhan?) … and CHI (China/Chinese?)

I suppose at least this time they arent tattooing these numbers onto my forearm?!


100% Agreed … To paraphrase Chuck Heston … “From My Cold Dead Hand!”


That is very scary… I hope this program can be stopped before too many people submit to this form of coercion… No one knows the long term side effects from these new vaccines… Many people are already reporting serious side effects and deaths… Most of my family are already in Heaven now and waiting for me to join them… I am not prepared to check out that way… I do not fear Corona… I fear the vaccines and measures to push for Medical Tyranny…


My friend has rejoined the channel – he knows it was a kneejerk reaction … but that doesnt stop me now winding things up by saying stuff like “You’ll know I was right when they turn on 5g and you all start walking backwards”


Friends come and go. What really matters is your family. A strong family-bound is the most important thing in this dark times. Im glad, that you are good with your mother. I think its a part of that fucking nwo plan that they try to divide families… A weak family structure has no chance to defense the enemy from outside.


No gris…actually I’m a little afraid😔




Wish you all the best! Stay strong.

I was sick of the constant bombardment of texts and emails from the NHS telling me to get my jab. So when i went into my GP to order my repeat perception i said you either stop all this it i will remove my email and mobile contact details. A note was put on my records and i haven’t had one since.


BTW …That is exactly the correct term … “This Program” !!!