I am probably going to be banned for sharing this. Dildos for riot control

Donut operator got a approached by an adult website to promote them and couldn’t figure out how to. Ends up launching dildos from a launcher and donating the money to cancer research.


Nothing to see here, just someone Dickin about.


Nice… Humour is recognised, maybe issue the twats that still play with lethality with this kind of ammo.
Btw @Foxblack… agreed although.
You don’t seem to get the joke.
And @StraightBullFrog I doubt this is worth a ban, after all it’s only information and played from utube… wtf? If it was that dodgy you wouldn’t find it there.

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Omg im dying :rofl::rofl: this is the best vid ive seen in a while

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Thanks for the morning laughs.

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you are welcome

I think I would say “Dildos” may be better when compared to Jew crowd controlling tactics.

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Its called a dilnut

Or a doldo lol

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I wasn’t expecting to be killed by an alien today.

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“Put the other head in there just like your mom”

Baaahahahahahahahaaaa even bun head man knows she’s a dirty dirty girl hahahahahaha

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that is great but whip and shield had all the advantage.