"I knew it! THEY were never going to let me be president." --Clinton

On the night of the election, Chozick describes a dejected Clinton when she was told by campaign staffers that it was over.

“Of all the Brooklyn aides, Jen Palmieri had the most pleasant bedside manner,” Chozick writes. “That made her the designated deliverer of bad news to Hillary. But not this time. She told Robby there was no way she was going to tell Hillary she couldn’t win. That’s when Robby, drained and deflated, watching the results with his team in a room down the hall from Hillary’s suite, labored into the hallway of the Peninsula to break the news.

Hillary didn’t seem all that surprised. ‘I knew it. I knew this would happen to me….’ Hillary said, now within a couple of inches of his face. ‘They were never going to let me be president.’”

Who’s ‘THEY’? The same ‘THEY’ that’s trying to install Biden?

They would be the masses with a brain that could see her for the diabolical evil, murderous nasty dark hearted soulless bound for hell witch that she is


Speaking of Hilary, wasn’t she suppose to testify about the whole server and email case back in September? I don’t recall hearing anything about it.has anyone else heard?

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They would be king of world Pope
They would be jesuits
They would be the kingdom of babylon that Jesus destroys by smitting it on the foot of it’s image
( Daniel chapter 2)
With the stone cut from the mountain of God. Jesus

They won’t let a bene Gesseret eastern star GrandDamm witch
Have a seat
She is in the wrong cast


Hillary would have been 1 of the most Terrible thing We would as Humans have been Subjected too



guns and fastcars

“they” is anyone with any common sense wouldn’t let her be prez. Lol

She was never meant to win. Do you not see? The real elite only want power and control. Division is the name of the game. Stop paying attention to the hand waving in your face. Look at the hidden hand. It has a dagger, plotting its course. Don’t turn your back.

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