I, pet goat iii (2021)



Cute video made to provoke an emotional response.

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Not even close to the same quality as the first one…

Not by the same people, and a definite Muslim slant. It also feels nothing like the other one either.


Did not know or expect a third one.
These vids always take exceptional time and intricate inspection to the details.

I liked the bird.

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Cool thanks!

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Was just about to post this and thought I’d check to see if anyone already had. Can’t verify if this one is made by Heliophant also. The imagery is the same. Very interesting.

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Faction of globalist, pro suni

Mahadi as false prophet ( possible )

Movie not by heliophant , not filled with occiluded predictions so no one can pick apart

Weak but valuable as predictive tool
Fits the narritive

Yeah, even though the animation was the same. It had a different vibe then the one I had seen before.
Took it as a proprietary change. As such new direction for an already established crowd/ viewer.

Made by a muslim more deception from Islam .

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