I Present You Amazon's Next Privacy Nightmare: An Indoor Security Drone

“Ring says the camera can be used for simple things like checking if a stove was left on or a window left open, or if a door is locked when you’re away from the home.”

So now hackers can use drones to see whats up in and around your home. And off course the FBI, the CIA etc.

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Defund Amazon…never used this globalist site once.

I have none of these devices in my house. My cameras on my computer are covered up. I have no Alexa or Siri. I have google assistant turned off and I have my microphones turned off on all my devices.

Their goal in the end is to be able to monitor you 24/7. This is being easily done with the younger generation with their cell phones. They are voluntarily giving up all their privacy and giving any malevolent human force the evidence it needs to create a case against them


Just think, The locust will be designed to locate those marked, and use microwave non-lethal weaponry to paralyze, and detain.

This is the cheap, public version. The private sectors got much more advanced versions “waiting for release.”

So true, we can reduce and eliminate tech from our lives, but its the younger gens, and sheeple that are falling for the temptations.