I take back my post. Maybe it was too much

SilverFox is right.

Now isn’t the time.

Hail SleepyJoe Oh master of the universe. Way too many marvel movies dude, but then your just a sign of the times.
Imagine if civil war did kick off, what would your natural reaction be once you wiped away the tears ?

Add in a bunch of violence, murders, destroying businesses and other peoples property along with the intended removal of rights and freedoms and you have a Democrat rally.

They clearly picked the stupidest people out of the crowd to put on camera but they had to be selective. Only showed 10 people out of millions. At a Dems rally anyone on camera looks like that.

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Probably now is a good time not to feed joe…

Nailed It Brother

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So Did Your Plumbing Issues

Get Fixed?

Wish We Had a

Hobbies Projects Cat


All fixed. Pressures not better than original but at least the same now.

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Hubby Hates Doing

Plumbing or Electrical

It’s Always a Bitch …

We Put a Wood Stove

In The Daughters Cabin

Last Month…

FN Stove Pipe

Is a Night Mare…

Had to redo the direct vent on mine last week. And it was a nightmare actually.

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I disagree… Now is the time…
It’s time to call out all dem’s and repub’s for what they are… One and the same…
We are the slaves…
Time for people to see the truth… Will they accept this truth is the question ?!..

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