I (used to) hate Trump

It’s not easy for me to admit when I am wrong because I’m about as pig-headed as they come, but when it comes to Trump-hating, I’ve changed my ways. I see now that I was brainwashed by the corrupt MSM. They spoon-fed me lies and I lapped it up like a hungry baby bird. From the Russia collusion hoax to claiming that Trump hates the military - I believed it all… until I didn’t anymore.

The releases of declassified documents show that the very people who accused Trump of Russia collusion were simply projecting their own crimes onto Trump.

Biden is corrupt to the core and his entire family is too. He is a pathological liar, past and present. Watch the compilation of Biden’s lies from 1988.

In the past couple of days, drug-addict-Hunter Biden’s laptop files show that Joe Biden knew all along what Hunter was doing with Burisma, and Joe facilitated everything.

Trump will win in 2020 because, thank god, most people are much smarter than I have been.

My apologies to everyone for all of the lies I have spread about Trump.


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I See This is a New Profile…

Are You Really The Same C55
That Previously Had TDS??

I’ve taken time to think. I also quit drinking, which makes it easier to manage my anger.

So why not keep the old account? You could easily verify yourself by making a comment from the old one.


K…Kudos To You Then

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That is how we grow and it is sometimes a painful process… It takes a bigger man to admit he has been mistaken and able to learn something, than for another who already knows it all… It takes more courage and you have to humble yourself to say, I may have been wrong… That is a good sign of character growth… Regardless of your current feelings toward Trump, I applaud you for taking a step forward… :+1:


Funny thing is you dont have to like trump, I cant remember many presidents I liked, however you look at whos going to take the country where. And its easy to see Trump wants to see Americans doing good.

The MSM can lie all they want, but the truth comes clear to those who pay attention. But I am guessing this is a false account, because sadly, its very had to change the minds of people who been propagandized by the media.

Imagine our founders were smart enough to foresee this happening and they gave us a motto of, “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.”


Cough… cough… bullshit… cough


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