I wannaa tick off some flat earthers

I just don’t get the flat earthers, although they can be entertaining, and have some interesting views on things… reminds me of gramma’s great great uncle, oh, the world cannot spin that fast, how do ya keep the potatoes in the basement?
anyway feel like pissing a few off… so here, we do actually know about other planets…


“how do ya keep the potatoes in the basement?”


Too funny grandmas great great uncle.

Not certain if there are any flat-earthers on DTV to piss off… Good luck!



And yet… those who ridicule others believe that space/time is flat and can be folded.


when you go into space and take a photo, then you shall have a valid argument. You might have to join freemasons first.

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I think you are the only one who thinks space is flat. :grin:

let me know when you’ve successfully ‘folded’ a tennis ball.

IF there are any flat-earthers on here, Show me the edge. Drone, plane, satellite, Copter etc… just show me the edge.

its flat aint no edge just infinite earth

If that is the case lets hope there is a safety rail around edge…I don`t like heights… :rofl:

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That is an interesting concept.

Has to be flat…if it were round we’d all roll down to Antarctica :laughing:

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existence on earth is flat, or completely perceived as flat. Theres really no way to ridicule this. Otherwise we would first see the underside of airplanes when coming in from a distance or moving away from us. We would also see curvature in straight contrails and airplanes would need to compensate constantly downwards on routes.

What reality really is, observing celestial movements and solar/lunar events etc and the nature of waves/particles
paints a whole different picture. I have not figured this one out yet, and if I eventually do I would probably not speak of it.

HAHAHA, RIIIGHT!!! The hypocrisy is stunning.

just show the curve

That is trippy :+1:

Sooo…the earth is not flat?

Why do I have to fold a tennis ball? :confused: But if it really interests you. Press on both sides opposite each other with a point until the insides touch.

so the space/time has ‘sides’?

what outside of the sides?

The pause button :joy: