I want an 'unrelenting stream' of minorities 'storming the border' to make 'caucasians the minority'. 'I'm a zionist.' -- Biden


Not only to phase out whites but to permanently install the Democratic party.

He knows everyone who crosses the border and who they are gonna vote for.

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First if you guys want Racial justice…give the lands you taken by the genocide of indians back to the natives of america,fckers…

Cheers racist murderers

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What do you expect ? One group of people helps you and the other treats you like scum, who would you vote for

Well,the group that helps me, I help back.

The group that calls me scum gets treated as scum.

Let me know when you come up with an excuse for all the predominatly white nations being flooded out worldwide ok kalergi plan supporter?


Let me know when Natives are going to be treated like humans…LEGALLY and humanly.
If the goverments dont acknowledge the treatises signed with them,youre also having no rights to be respected.


Cheers and your welcome.

Sure you can have this shitty country back, good luck with the modern day BLM and black culture who will oppress you because you’re an “indian” (Not African)

It’s funny ya know, if all whites disappeared you act like this mental disease of “racism” would evaporate. Good luck with that.

It’s cool you can hate me, I hate you as well for being “you”.

People like you don’t matter.

So the native americans didnt want a “diverse” land with people coming here looking for a better life and religious freedom? Perhaps they needed some critical race theory classes. They sound like racist protectionists.


They just didnt want those diverse races…Spaniards and brittons to kill 40 millions of them in north america until theyre where wiped out of existence.


So indians want “their” land back. For “their” people?

Indians didnt want an unrelenting stream of foreigners invading “their” land? So they were xenophobes?


You know what doesn’t help,

#1 asking me to pay for problems I never asked for.(taxes go up)
#2 endangering communities with foreign drug trash gangs.(endangering American civilians)
#3 Greenlighting cartels to human trafficking
#4 Thinking I owe my white life to live and work for your king wannabe black lifestyle like some servant just because you think you’re precious and special because of your skin color and want me to play the serf role. (THATS A RACIST EXPECTATION and I just won’t be that for you. )

You should quit with the “my people need to be on a higher shelf than everyone else” racist attitude. I OWE YOU NOTHING.

Go cope. :wink:


no we want to be LEGALLY HUMANS in the eyes of the law…So that we can matters taken to courts of justice…a thing that we are denied…they can take us to court…

…but not us,we cant file a complaint, no more than a bear or a chicken…

Like all whites blacks and yellows youre ignorant about us having the legal status of an animal.Enjoy being a citizen while the next indians hunting season,im sure you will enjoy killing some dirty indians.


Yeah, but it’ll always be this attitude of…

“well… it’s MY RACE, so it’s all well n good. We faultless/perfect people and you owe us something.”

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Come up with an excuse yet kalergi plan supporter? Let me know when you do whiteboy.


I think you made a good observation… This individual is making arguments without any historical context… Probably a white person without an axe to grind to begin with… Just someone who likes the entertainment value of making some stupid arguments…

I identify as white but I do have some distant Indian Ancestry… The original Indian Tribes had fights and wars among each other… Fighting over land, territories and resources… Often taking slaves from other tribes… Making a lot of the same mistakes… Just like every other culture of man placed on Earth…

Most of the Indians I know adapted, adjusted, assimilated and ended up appreciating the benefits and advantages that the concurring Europeans later provided… Sure, there were some bad things that happened in the distant past… The same kinds of things that happened within every culture… We can not go back and change what happened 2,000 years ago or even 400 years ago… We can only fix what is happening today… This individual might as well identify as a black person… That way he can demand his free hand outs and reparations…


Justice cant began only at the begining the indians you pretend to know,should had make kind of the same remarks i did concerning BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

Im not indian, im not even human,im a genetic monster.

as a member i consider important to break your self feeding loop you guys created for the sole purpose of spewing your venom of injustify haterid against anything or anyone that dont look look or think like YOU DO…

lol… cheers

I have no axes to grind… I have no venom to direct towards you… You’re doing a fine job all by yourself… To show my kindness and generosity, I’ll offer you .50 cents and a candy bar… So, there is no need to go home and crying to Mommy… Not out to get you… However, many of us do not share your views… I just hope you’ll get off that Arrogant High Horse you’ve been riding before he throws you…

no im the devil…remember that when youll go to hell at the end of your…i presume…miserable life,of which you should do something better.

sorry again but my purpose is to work minimally once you humans destroyed yourselves.
wired for destruction and murder.
hideous little perverted creatures thinking theyre masters of the universe.



Let me get this straight… Most of the time, you’re a know it all type of scientist… When your not doing that you’re a champion for humanity and standing up for Native Indian Causes… Because in reality, you’re really a genetic monster who claims to be the Devil himself… WOW !!.. That is a lot to take in… I think you’ve proved my point, with the amount of arrogance you’ve been offering since joining us here on March 28th… Most of us are here to offer discussions and perhaps, help one another to grow… So far, that has not been your motive… I hope you see what is wrong and try to help yourself out first…