I want an 'unrelenting stream' of minorities 'storming the border' to make 'caucasians the minority'. 'I'm a zionist.' -- Biden

i joined in 2009…lol

ask Lukas…lol

im the same as i ever was …i dont care about anythig but the real truth…

it used to get the posters that where too political where ousted out for not being focused on CONSPIRACIES content.

Cheers NOOB…lol

A history Indians refuse to acknowledge is owning thousands of black slaves.


The seminoles where pieces of sht… when the spaniards arrived they were a aztec type …civilisation… practicing human sacrifices ad torturing their owns if they were not following the rules.

for the others tribes,i dont know.
But i cannot believe it base on a half page article.
i saw the same photos in a video claiming that florida indians were a black african type ethnics.


I live in Florida… There are still a few reservations here that the Indians profit nicely from… A few places have legalized casinos… Profiting off European Ideas… With Internet, Cable TV and everything… They sell brand name cigarettes in their smoke shops without any State taxes… No Seminoles are not black people… Some have a tan… Some look like white people… Oh No!!..

you and your tribe should move back to asia where you’re originally from… leave this land to the animals… the original inhabitants of north and south america.

over here too most look like white peeps,this guy was their pan canadian representent to negociate with the ministery of indian affairs.


Cheers,its the proof that indians are just whites pretenders.

problem solved…lol

or that only metis survived.
my grandmother survived by pretending to be white and married my father fathers a scottish dude.

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Aaahhh so only indians can represent indians… races must stick with their own right?

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Whos helping who at the expense of who?
Seriously lol…?
Why cant Mexico help them is that too much to ask how are they ever going to fix there country if everyone just runs away.
Who are you talking about here is this our fault somehow.
What are you giving back?
Everyone should give back Everything to everyone then all over the world and the american indians should give it back to the race they invaded and took it from 10000 years ago because they did the same thing but of course you knew this having studied history before making stupid social justice hate blame rants.
The whole concept of social justice has nothing to do with either its another ideological fallacy for the more simple minded to react emotionally to instead of studying the FACTS of history.
I want my land back now too so does everyone yeah that sounds like it will work.
What a foolish nasty comment you made you have no idea of real justice only your hurt feelings being manipulated by progressive hate division ideology your stupidly buying into as justice what a joke and so ignorant but very typical these days of the mind controlled sjw lunatics being manipulated into more social division over historical nonsense that everyones suffered from in history.
Time to rethink whose pulling your emotional strings and why your not helping anyone but making more stupid chaos.

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so you’re a typical mutt that only sides with one race of your heritage… while demonizing the other half or more of your genes… that’s call self loathing.

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What even makes it worse, some have even been married to white people… Oh No!!..

Search you are wrong the clauvis civilisation as been extinct for 5000 years kill by a meteorite that feel in canada,also killing the mamoths and the megalodons and all sort of flore and fauna .

its sciece,they had no one to kill free territories


why dont you britons take the title of worst genociders of the modern era.

cmon take the pill …america is on a permanent state of war. other western nations gives a hand in it if its their interest too…


I bet you’re no more than 1/4 indian if that even classifying you as nothing more than a white self loather.

Because Mexico is one of the most corrupt places on this earth run by the scum cartels who murder thousands of people every year, would you try and bring up a family down there , let’s be honest citizen , there’s nobody in this place who would not try and get out of there

If Mexicans/Latinos can’t run a country without cartels taking over what makes you think it would be any different once they’re all transplanted some place else?

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this is corporate take over of the world 2,0

the NAZI failed the 1st time.

they are getting ready to unleash a real bio weapon on us in a few years.

meet their georgia guidestones depopulation agenda.

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Im not even british im australian i was born here like many are,
i cant help what happened i dont like it but i dont own any land to give back,

the elites own all the land, they just rent it to us with deeds and titles,
they started all the wars they caused the hate racism and chaos
they inflicted horrible things on there OWN PEOPLES
and many other races in there conquest for there nwo over the centuries they follow and worship lucifer/satan/paganism.
To them its whatever it takes so long as it furthers the causes they never cared about collateral damages they even banged up murdered starved & imprisoned there own race of peoples the british sure did so what can any one of us do about it now then,
except do what we do by speaking up telling the truth.

I think all this social justice has wound back the clock of progress and made many people buying into it more hateful resentful emotional conflicted
then ever, once upon 20-30 years ago racism was almost extinct here in australia it was dying down and things were equalising slowly but surely it became big taboo to be racist on anyone,
but along come this progressive mindests making professional victims out of everyone and next thing we know we got segregation again we got non white races seeing themselves as nothing more then victims,

paralysed to get off the plantation because these sjw trash have convinced them they are owed in life and one race is worse then all others but its just not true.

People are the same everyhwere they just want a job families work hard and survive even thrive but this is being deliberately destroyed by agitators running round convincing everyone to virtue signal there moral superiority based off feelings not truth history or reality they are ngo,s paid to disrupt.
Thats what they call it “disruptive economics” “disruptive ideological change”
it isnt progress its taking us all backwards and getting everyone to fight and ive had enough.
I have to speak my truth because i see through this bs and am compelled to speak up thats just me ive never ever been racist not for a moment in life i dont have to own this because its not true.

I never stole an inch of land off anyobne, i do my best and do treat everyone with utmost respect all of the times in daily life, why not?

I dont see skin colour i just see peoples, and thats all.

History is littered with conflict wars agression murder of innocents death stealing on huge scales like nazis and japs in ww2 so everyone is guilty everyhwere, anyone that studies even a bit of history knows this,. & no it wasnt clovis peoples sure but theres another race like australian aboriginals that were in the states before the american indians got there they wiped them out and inter bred them out too, skeletons have been found of this race in the states,
thats how i know about them and genetically they were akin to aus aboriginals in fact.

This is history none of its fair because nasty satanists hiding behind churches in lodges and in postitions of power allow each other to have collateral damage victims all for the goal of a one world united under satan thats going to be worse then totalitarian hell on earth.

Im very sorry for this clan of men they are very wicked peoples and they always get there way they out smart everyone using violence or ideology they infiltrate everything good and poison it just like social justice, it all comes from the minds of this very ancient clan of occult practitioners this is what i believe and i know to be reality.

Blame them brother, they done all this to all of us. :+1:
I apologise if i got shirty i dont normally im pretty fair really i try hard to be very fair i think many here would testify to that so far,
be dammed if i let anything religious or political get in the way of anyone speaking on dtv

having there say so long as they stick within the fairly easy very reasonabvle t.o.s rules we all sign up with here on dtv,
and this goes for me even more so being a mod, i have to set a good example for others to follow or else im a pos abusing my power & i will never be that kind of man ever,
no matter what…
I wont compromise my ethical moral foundation by being biased towardds anyone here, especially over silly politics or religions never.

Cheers and take care i meant no harm, its very frustraing for all of us i know,
so i forgive easy and anger very slowly now in life & always apoplogise if i see when i loose self control hehe. :grin: :wink:


I liked most of your statements, David… I just disagree with one small portion of it… We can do just a little more than speaking the truth… We can organize for the benefit of all humanity… We can investigate, identify, and locate each and every invisible Globalist… We do not have to waste any time with courts, trials or appeals… We already know they are evil and we need to make our world a better place… We can publicly televise lynch mobs taking the trash out… It should be televised and broadcasted worldwide… Setting the example so scumbag Globalists will never attempt to take over again… After all, it is all of us vs. them… Humanity is at stake and we need to do more to save our people and save our planet… This is war… Once the real threats are gone we can have normal lives again… I do not understand why Soros and Gates are still walking around and causing problems…

Are you ok?

It’s not just the US this is happening in.

It’s Kalergi plan coming in.

Enoch Powell was right all along…and got kicked out for telling the truth.

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My friend. This is a bit off topic i apologise to the op.
Ok i can give you that for sure, i guess we are kind of organising right here across borders and nations,
most are on the same page, lets use good psychology to get the rest on board too,
be nice not confrontational it doesnt work, be understanding we were all asleep until we 'woke" one day or over times etc.
Be gentle & patient with people that have different viewpoints and remember that was all of us once upon a time?
Educate people that are confused remember they are being bombarded since birth with ms reality bubble mind control everywhere they look and listen,
its a very hard psychological barrier to break down it takes time and it must be done with even more cunning psychology then what the social engineeres have been using for ages now?
Dont emotionally react to deliberate agitation on here,
it displays a weakening of morale and loss of self control,

all the good characteristics we display like the above goes a long way to not just telling but showing by doing and this is a much better way for people to learn,

when they see how much self control wisdom and care another has they sometimes want that themselves and may wonder where and why it comes from, with curiosity inspired they may seek further and learn more then demanding or fighting with them instead over things possibly beyond our controls?
I hope i made some sense hehe, but these are some of the strategies i use on others for the very best of intentions always,
never with any wrongdoing in mind but simply to help others that i was once alike,
to get a clearer picture of our reality as sad as it may be at times brother.

Take care i like what your about i notice things about people here,
and get intuitive feelings sometimes and trust them too hehe.
Dtv is a real gem for the "movement’ this is why i treasure it and try to protect it any way i can, for everyone left right woke unwoke religion xyz black white red blue whatever dont matter to me irrelevant to whom a person really is in life yep, i try anyways sometimes fail but, thats normal,
doesnt matter theyre all potential allies in the good fight for freedom and truth in this pitiful degrading world of ours hehe, get them all on baord we need allies not enemies, be dammed the social engineers spewing hate on all of us guilting us daily hating us and turning person against person even though they never met cept words online its madness really polarised by another agent stirring it up for there agendas and our downfalls.

Take care your alright brother, pat yourself on the back you are doing really well and great work for humanity, yep,
cant ask for more then that in life or on dtv either. :slightly_smiling_face: :pray: :wink: :+1:


I fear, we may not have much time left to always be kind, to be gentle, to kiss backsides and hope our psychological methods have a positive impact… You can only turn the other cheek so many times before your face falls off… Eventually, action will be required and we’ll need to lock-n-load… Not specifically for all of our members here but some of them need to snap out of it and fast… We may have to shake the limbs of those stubborn trees to get to the fruits… We have Demons masquerading as humans… Taking control of our Earth and all the people on it… With the goal of turning our planet into an expanded version of Hell… So we need a sense of urgency to wake those we can and fight back… Those that fall short can take their vaccination shots and get out of the way… If I sound emotional at times, it is because I am… I am an old man now but I hope the Earth will carry onward after I am gone… I hope the Earth will still be redeemable for GOD’s grace…

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