I wonder what they’re going to say about our doctor in 50 years?

Here she is again, WhatsHerFace with hard hitting facts that need reiterating especially in today’s world.

Take responsibility for our own selves; research what we can and make our own decisions. Too many people willingly accept what they are told and that’s that.
So… when they try and force those of us (who wish not to conform) to be part of the flock (herd) maybe it is time to become a wolf.
However, sheep’s clothing is not an option, because then we become like them.


Yep, yep and yep…
But make sure you don’t go checking the legitimacy of the claims you see being made daily by msm and government health officials, because you’ll catch the most lethal sickness yet ‘conspiracy theoritis’…it’s incurable :joy:

Well she is pretty right on with everyone can be bought. Personally I can not be bought with money. I can be bought if my family’s life is at stake.

Injectable Jonestown Kool-Aid

I love this woman. Gonna move up to Canada and get married I think…

She probably can throw a spear, too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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