Ideological subversion - Rise of the Marxist & Technocrats

This one is a must watch for sure. There’s quite a bit in this video. They lay it out perfectly.

i don’t think the amending of the Smith Mundt act can be overstated by how important that really is & how it pertains to the outrageous uptick in psyops that you see on the main stream legacy news stations.

Very few people remember this or its implications over the last five years specifically.

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This video talks about that. among SO much more. Which is 1 of the reasons why I hold this video to high regards. We don’t hear about it enough I feel.

Is there a direct link to this? I want to share it with a few people.

click the video & maximize the window… then on the bottom right click the “Vimeo” & it’ll take you to where I uploaded it

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Thanks, mate.

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Jeez - that agenda 21 ‘scenario’ was quite prophetic.


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Video doesnt exist,
shame was hoping to watch it.

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I’m going to reupload. My account was banned on vimeo so ALL my videos were taken down with it. WEAK


ANOTHER SHAMELESS BUMP. This video is great.

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