IF Aliens 👽 are demons👹

If aliens are demons, and part of blue beam or behind the nwo and the likes…
My question is this.

Why would they need technology to do what is said that will happen to mankind?
I aint no expert in biblical writings, I am also not a expert in Ufo phenomena
But in what I have read, and followed on this site over the years, is i see no connection between demons using advanced technology to usurp the planet.

And on a side note, if this technology has been aroung for thousands of years or longer, just “hidden” , aint no way it could be kept a secret for such a long time.

I am looking forward to the other aspects of this conversation.
I am not making fun, just teying to get the mixed information into this thread, and that thread and from long time ago threads into one super thread.

Please commence…


It’s all just various types of swamp gas.


I can smell your methane

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You know you like it

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Your gross lol


Interesting, there are more than a few who have said this and that about this very subject and passionately too, but yet, no one has a answer to this query?

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It’s more like people want to get involved with topics that are opinionated, or politically driven, or just to derail.

Ultimately you called everyone out on their horse shit and no one wants to admit it.

Personally I think the whole “aliens are demons” bit is to throw people off course, unless the word demons has two meanings much like many other American English words do.

Supposedly they enslave us to harvest their gold :woman_shrugging:

I dunno man, I woke up to a redheads fat ass sitting in my face inducing that wonderful sarcasm of mine with with slight does of brutal honesty.

Here’s some of that swamp gas…


Maybe its horseshit, maybe its not?
I want to see writings/articles that leave no room for error.
Cool pic, you musta eaten a whole can o beams fer that one lol

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Calling on the name of Jesus will stop an alien abduction.

Odd that technologically advanced beings from another planet would be afraid of some historical figure from 2000 years ago.

Unless …


Maybe they just dont like the yelling?
And i do recall stories here and there that did not always work.
Perhaps the aliens/demons were non believers?
The Travis Walton abduction story for one comes to mind.
He was abducted, didnt call out Jesus’s name, and he almost escaped.and ultimately brought back.
Maybe he said Jesus’s name in his head? Who knows?
But that doesnt really answer the question does it?
Why do they need “advanced technology”
There is no writings in history that says anything pointing to using tech to fool man.
Im asking these questions to perhaps jog someones memory where they may actually find something that points in that direction
Also the article you posted talks of probability, and one mans case.
But even reading that, it also dawned on me that, God, who created all, made aliens, and they would know the power of the Almighty too.
And to quote @Sarge “ I’ve always said it’s pretty arrogant of us to assume God stopped or even began with us. It’s also arrogant to think we can even begin to understand God “
So, there.’s that to ponder too

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Interesting theory. Well have to wait and see. It deffinetly would be a hell of a show.

Yes, TIME will ultimately tell us all.


Im curious on your takes

I am with scrier on this here is my formula

Alien = fallen angel = demon


I read that, but why?
Why the technology used?

Not really tech man. What I see is their MO. The way they operate and their characteristics. How some oppressed people are unable to handle them until they call on the name of Jesus and then they run like scared rats when Jesus is mentioned. The things they do that break our natural laws is another. I have never read of a good alien experience yet but I have heard of many people who have been tortured by them until they use the name of Jesus.

I have often wondered why Demons would need some type of vehicle to get about.

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They dont need them Tuor. It is the method they use in their attempt to fool mankind. Demons are spiritual beings who move from the spiritual dimension into our physical dimension but if they just did that people would really figure them out quickly. The space ships breaking all our laws of physics is nothing but a stage show to lead people into a false believe. Demons do not need a ship to move about, but you have to remember a demon can manifest to appear as many things. Depending on the power of the demon how long they can physically manifest varies.

Thanks for being honest and saying you really dont have a answer

And there are just as many stories i have read about aliens showing good as bad