If you love the tranquility of servitude

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Has there ever been a percentage calculated that showed who do, unwillingly to survive?

Not all, “ who drink the kool aid” do it because they folow blindly,

But have their choice taken away by means of economics?

Do we cast them in the same “group”?
As they have no means to escape?

Even in the jonestown, they were many who were forced,
and saw albiet, to late, to see the truth of it all, had no means of escape.

well, we all unwillingly server the globalists to some point right now.

but I would imagine so. but I think just reading things like this can get people’s blood fired up a little for liberty.

The freebee land dont exist, its been promised many times, and ends the same with mass death of the people who followed them blindly.

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I just like to think i am speaking for those whom are forced servitude.

Perhaps its not for me to speak on their behalf.

This is all cyclical. I was talking with a friend today about how democracy typically has a long lifespan but what happens is the citizens slide into complacency and this is where socialism rears it’s ugly head, albeit briefly, because it is only then that people wake up and revolt.
My point is, this all might be a necessary evil to wake us the f_ck up.


Yes the people are revolting

I think that’s exactly what has happened. From ‘16 to ‘20 it’s been one shit show after another starting with impeachment then Kavanaugh and now voter fraud…the masses have awakened and they are not happy.

Much bigger ( longer in time ) than just that! :+1:t2:

The freaks and abominations are revolting.
The people have yet to revolt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When they do drown the puppy’s I don’t want to hear a word from the bleedingnhearts

Of course socialism is great. That is why so many people are literally risking their lives and dying to get out of free countries and trying to sneak into a socialist country. Have you saw the lines at the harbors of people trying to hide in shipping containers to try to get a foothold in China or Russia??

It must be awesome. DUHHHH

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I disagree these quotes can spark a little something but the people always look for a puppet master to lead them. Then the cycle continues over and over again. It’s just like the biden supporters and the trump supporters. They think they can be lead to Zion but they are actually being lead to the slaughterhouse. Lots of people make good puppets is all I’m Saying

More like you sound like a very delusional person. Maybe you think things are not what they exactly are. I am a puppet because I wanted Trump over a criminal like Biden?! Who wants to tax me and take my liberty?! That is kinda of a dumb assumption. I didnt even vote in 2016. But it was easy to see Biden was a major lame duck, and the BS the media been pushing on Trump was easy to see through for 5 years now.

Just because I like Trump over Hillary or Biden has nothing to do with any of the garbage most of you anti trump people spit. I just want my liberty, and trump is a major help to liberty, prosperity and hes anti globalist. Biden is a sell out globalist.

I have a brain I can think, it was an easy choice. Fools that been gaslit by the media, with all this Orange man bad garbage got lost in a fantasy. You lost touch with reality. Delusional.

I dont need a master, but I do need my liberty. And Hands down Trump is the man for that. If you think anything less you are not very educated on what is really going on. Globalists are at full on war with America, your future with them is a slave.

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This is the devil tarrot card. You can see a man and a woman who are chained to the devil. But at closer inspection you can see that the chains are very lose and they could easily be taken off. Thing is they dont want to take the chains off, that is the charm of the devil.

There are very little if any people in America in true forced servitude. Life is work, no matter what you do. You cant have a society that no one does nothing, and gets everything free. Someone needs to do the work, and there is a lot more work to living then most have a clue. We take so much for granted that we often forget how blessed we actually are.

Do you have clean water and food? shelter? safety? Well you got it better then hundreds of thousands of people in this world. If you think you have it bad, realize there are people who have it much much worse then you could ever imagine. The world is a brutal place. Our history is very brutal. Many people died and risked everything to give you liberty.

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My familys past is enough to tell me that, and for you as well.

And please do define true forced servitude, perhaps my definition is not the same as yours, but does not diminish my or your view

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Yes the world is brutal, my native american people know. How do like it happening to you now?Then go back to your dream then. Stay asleep, fear the covid. I heard mouthwash kills covid , pfizer got you covered with both. Little bit of vaccine little bit mouthwash. Either way they get paid. :sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep:

You’ll be forced anyway by your military :wink: