If you owned a UFO


Just want to see what you would do, go, and see if you could zip through the universe. Just looking for input on if you could walk in your back yard, hop in a UFO and hurl through space.


Assuming I can cruise around in it without chumming the entire neighborhood, :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: I would be heading straight to the planets best sights to see. All of them in one night.

I’ll save the interplanetary travel for some slightly more adventurous folks to try first.

Great question.

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I would look for intelligent life. Because it seems to be lacking on this planet. :rofl:


I would request a few different UFOs, first order of business would be for my fleet of wraith darts with culling beams. You would be amazed at how fast the Georgia guide stones come to fruition. But that would be cheating wouldn’t it?

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To be honest I would like to chase people with them.

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I am already off world. In response to your what if scenario… I’m already there, I fly in my little metallic rainbow star mobile inbetween negative thoughts. On a serious note, I’ve already been taken up and shown the huge monitors of holographic light technology overlapping the earth outside the window of a “mansion”. I was shown the etheric output of our species, and how it’s a murkey, dense, toxic purple bruise looking color. I was shown how inside this swamp of bad juju vibes, there are bright stars… little seeds of the pure souls, sent here with high vibratory mission objectives. These lights are under constant threat by the purple mass of bad etheric energy output by the rest of humanity. We are not in our power people. No ships arrive until you are well tuned and balanced. You gotta earn your starship. That’s the rule. If you know the exact date and time mine plans on landing in the physical, DO let me know! :dizzy: :star_struck:


If I owned a UFO I would anal probe all liberals then drop them off to Mars for Musk to start up his colony.


First thing I will do is take a huge dump in the ufo. Than I’m gonna cruise the strip at Myrtle Beach hollering at the women if they wanna ride me. Once I get tired of that, I’m probably play peekaboo with military of all nations…

I would go find out from the alien who taught me how to fly this if there are weapons on board and what they were n i would see if I could time travel. Depending on both answers id disarm the earth or time travel to the time of that i could use this 1ship to take over the earth and I would have society live with nature and never create electronics . It’s true that I would go see alot of cool universe stuff sometime. But I’d try to fix this beautiful planet before it shoo flys us the hell of of it.

:+1: :alien: :peace_symbol: Gr8 answer

I’d be offskie … :joy:

… that is all :joy::joy:

… I’d maybe come back on occasion to stock up on Beef & Weed!

… I wouldnt steal any Women as I already have an Arsehole and It works just fine!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

There are plenty on this Planet… and on the Moon,stanioned.

More than Capital city’s in USA and South America togheter.

Sounds like a familiar echo
Has said event
Happened long ago?

Many religions and faiths
Have attempted, and warned us
Tech is a dark fate.
Creating is dangerous.

Some believe what you would do
Has already been done
I would gather a few
For a trip into the sun.

Abandon this world
to fend for itself
Thats what history
Seems to sell.

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I would head for the different galaxies mentioned and referred to in the ancient text to see if there is anything there that resembles any of the sites, etc here on earth.

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