Ilegal Aliens Charged With 72 Child Sexual Assault Charges So Far This Month In One State Alone. "They're not sending their best. They're rapists"

In North Carolina, there have been 6 dozen various child sexual assault charges against illegal aliens as of July 15th, 2021. That averages out to just under 4 per day and will climb to a horrifying 150 such charges by month’s end at the current rate.

Recognizing that these are statistics in only one state in less than 3 weeks is staggering! The outrageous, illegal policies of this crooked administration guarantee it will only get worse by the day for Americans in every state as our own military is being used to inundate our communities with the unvetted, oft-times violent foreign invaders.

Invasion of the rape apes.

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We have “rape apes” here too. Put the blame where it belongs, THE DEMOCRATS! They want open borders. Increase in crime was bound to happen, and unfortunately, there’s plenty more coming unless we get Trump back!

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