Illegal impeachment


Ok just fyi I good with just video posted but most on here want a brief description! Welcome to DTV btw😁

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Yeah just a quick description because I at one time recently couldn’t watch videos with how slow my internet was.

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anyone notice the evil white face that looks like it has horns in the reflection of his glasses on our left side? or what is it? it also turns its head couple of times in video. check it out

Creepy doll face

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lol damn that looks just like it!

Don’t let a good catastrophe go to waste, so jump the gun and blame all of Trump and his supporters, now that the FBI has said no, it was a planned attack, not Trump folk, who trashed the capitol building, give us all an apology, else we take it out on you, no telling how.

That is a weird reply.


Good catch!!! I watch whole vid and didn’t see it👏

But enlarge pic its just his face on his phone

John Sullivan