Illuminati story from a member (not me a friend)

believe what you want if you think this is a load of BS then hey think that thanks.

So the year was 2016 a few months before the election when i met this guy (we’ll call him john) .so we became good friends before i found out john was in the illuminati and once i did know i was very skeptical i asked him to prove it to me he showed me a initiation ring that he claimed was his grandmothers. it was a silver ring and had weird ancient type letters on the side with the freemason symbol on the top. another thing he said was that he had meetings every Tuesday with his family for some type of member meeting. another day i asked him who was going to win the election he said trump and i asked how do you know he didn’t tell me until a few weeks later when i kept asking him daily he finally told me that the members run the election and that they vote for who they want.

fyi: i am not in contact with him anymore as he simply just vanished no one else has been able to contact him. another thing this is coming off of 5 year old memory i do not remember every detail if you have any questions and i can answer them i will try.

-Mr Tesla :zap:


i did not go into full detail as i am busy today

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All elites are in on the political scam. They are not going to risk their wealth and family to appease to the useless eaters. People are fooled into thinking that Trump is a savior… [Psalms 118:8] - It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. The illuminati infiltrated politics, science, healthcare, agriculture, etc.


Man has god in him/her…

No man can save us ever, and never will.
Trump played his part in idenitifying the hold outs for the coming one world system,
those who retain a sense of morality and decency and wont allow themselves to be degraded by fancy sounding progressive ideological poisonous bs.

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