In scathing ruling, federal judge dismisses Trump campaign's effort to overturn election results in Pennsylvania

Major loss for the tRumpster… tRump and his supporters fantasies of overturning the elections by dictatorship coup have failed…
Biden will be president as of January 20, 2021…
Not Sorry tRumpnuts…

You know, even though I agree with you that Biden won fair and square, and that he will be sworn in as our 46th president, I think you need to tone it done when it comes to the insults. There’s no point in doing that other than to antagonize for the lulz. Personally, I think that even if we have political and ideological differences with those on the other side of the political fence, I would much prefer if we remain a united nation. I know that many on the other side do the same thing, but maybe we should be humble in victory for the sake of unity and country?

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I’ve tried that approach and I get attacked and bombarded with school yard name calling and low IQ debate…
Thanks for the advice, please feel free to share your concerns with everyone on this site…

It’s kind of what I’ve been saying all along, there is a serious lack of proof. I’m all for investigating but unless it’s proven true, which countless times it has not, one must come to the inevitable conclusion. The problem is at this point, no amount of evidence will be sufficient for some to stand down.

I’m becoming more convinced that this is payback for years of, in his view, slander beset against him. He will do everything in his power to make this transition as painful as possible.

Maybe I’m wrong, we shall see how it plays out in the end. I really do hope this mess can end in a peaceful way. I just want to know about aliens! Trump certainly hasn’t helped with that and nor will Biden I’m sure.


I thought [quote=“Permutation, post:4, topic:8576”]
I just want to know about aliens!


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Those pesky aliens are probably behind all the machinations and shenanigans that plague us simple humans.

You know what I do when someone writes dumb things to insult me? I ignore it. I can make a point by just letting the facts speak for me. For example, I am so certain that Biden will be our next president, than I don’t need to insult anyone that doesn’t want to believe it. When it happens, and it will, I’ll be proven right and that’s good enough for me.

Anyway, I just think that if we want to keep our nation as the “United” States of America, it might help if we try to not antagonize each other so much.

Honest question. Would a real dictator even allow an election? Wouldn’t a real dictator eliminate political enemies? Wouldn’t enemies in the media be disappeared?

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