IN-SHADOW - A Modern Odyssey - Animated Short Film

Trump or Biden

Black or White

Masked or Not

They don’t care, either way they still make money. There are no words for the deception that plagues us, so here’s a video just for that.



Really love that animation(and music), i think Zorg posted it on once of the older versions of dtv always saved it. Gives a good feel for myself,on how i see the world/humanity and were we are going with the hole thing and were we really should be going.

Them boxes…boxthinking…sigh


I knew I looked familiar but couldn’t figure it out.

In membranes of Zorgy poo then!

Awesome video my friend thanks…:+1:

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:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: Good one NWA

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I was looking for this one to post dan

Thank you

It’s Dawn sweetheart.

You’re welcome

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Sorry Nwadsm , thanks, nice to know

I have been watching another vid you posted about the khazari


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Good looking!

probably already seen…

ps looking better . vid preview thing status granted…(?)
apologies 4 the sad footage…

‘trump & biden’ pedo1 & pedo2 . remember when it was a skul and a bone ?

‘black or white’ i am not black but i am also not very proud to be white (frank zappa)

…vid reminds me of banksi street art…

btw u got my first like… i’m da happy new HERE…

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Thanks :blush:

I look at 'em as a douchbag and a turd sammich

Your first response reminded me of this one:

Psstt…Thanks for the first like too newb :kissing_heart:



happy stargazing.

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Excellent video. Thank you for posting.
I recognize the unique artistry and specifically the characters Nevil and Sebastian from numerous Mouthy Buddha videos (some of my faves). I would love to learn more about this artist, his work, and his relationship with Mouthy Buddha.
Two very creative, distinctive, important, intelligent, inspiring, and influential minds!
It is people like them and videos like this that manage to remind me that there are a handful of people; though few and far between they all may be, that see the world the way it really is.
The thought of just how many blue pill poppin’, blissfully ignorant, disgustingly compliant, absolute sheeple there are out there can very quickly and easily become one of profound concern, frustration, and eventual depression.
It is for lack of a better word, refreshing to know that there are some cognitive, independent, critical thinking minds still out there.
Again, thank you for posting!

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