Inauguration photos / people disappearing?

Initially I was just trying to find out who that Chinese dude was. Then things got WEIRD.
Here are several pics from the actual swearing in, from different angles. You can clearly see Hunter and his sister in the front and the chinese dude behind him, but in the next picture several people are missing.
Chinese guy, woman in pink, woman in white, white guy with red scarf - all gone.
Instead now you have what looks like 3 teenagers behind Hunter and his sister??
What the ???

personal aide??


So, people getting up and going somewhere is a conspiracy to you or are you operating on confirmation bias because of all of the bull sh¡t hope porn stories yesterday about arrests and you actually believed them?


Look at the video. The whole swearing in only takes 60 seconds and everyone that close to Biden is not going to just up and leave during the most important part of the day.
Start the vid at 1:05. You can clearly see the Chinese guy and red scarf guy there THE WHOLE TIME. So who the hell are these people in the second pic i posted??? Legit question.


Who cares? What are you getting at?

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Just hurry up and give me my stimulus check before the caravan of soon to be legal migrants from the deep corner of the universe takes them all!


Who cares? You don’t find this extremely strange?
Start the video at 1:05… where are the kids shown in pic #2? THEY WERE NEVER THERE according to live video, yet a photo got published that showed they were?
“come’on man”


They are not missing, its a matter of perspective. Use the woman in white as reference.


I thought that too, but wouldn’t the lady in white be further to Biden’s daughter right, if the relative position of both pics were taken without anyone moving position during the 60 seconds?

You are probably right, and I need glasses. :beers:

Look at the size of that Bible!
I bet Dr. Jill was shitting herself trying to hold that thing up!


Why is the Bible massive lol, just noticed.

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Thats it? What happened to the plan :sweat_smile: i thought they arrested them lol . And a new chapter of bs has begun

Yeah its very foreshortened perspective. The photographer is very far away, and very zoomed in. Nobody is getting beamed up to the Enterprise, at least not at that moment.

Am I the only one that cant believe that we are seeing this person….

…standing next to the person being sworn in as the Pedodent of the United States of America?!

Just a friendly reminder America…


It’s surreal, mate. I just can’t get my head around it.


You know horny it makes me feel to stand next to a 13 year old girl… it’s like my daughter …inaudible…now say thank you be a good girl… I heard it

He said hope to see you back home like a laser in the back of the poor girls head… Her mom looks like she groomed her to be submissive as well the way her eyes laser her…

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Yeah you can see it all right there, the mom reacts with some shock at the fact he busted it out like that right there and looks away, you can see it hit the father but he’s used to it, immediately goes into a good old boy bare it and grin, very slick. The poor girl is horrified, the mother tells her to be quite right there on video.

This video has been public since 2017.


There’s a .44 magnum in there just in case things got hairy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Biden is the president of USA incorporated…Get it?.


Do not hold fast to anything you see on that television from this point forward. If you believe anything that any news service says you are what scam men call a “score”. The shills will buy it but that does not mean you have to watch it or listen to them.
Turn off the T.V and ignore their threads and posts.
Remember guys it takes you participating with them to give them an arena to shill.