Information Injection

This is a truth video with real information on the danger of the entire “vaccine” and “plandemic” eugenics project currently underway!


The people pushing the vaccines there not even human they can’t be, Is this the ultimate alien agenda?

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Now you make a point there.
During this plandemic home imprisonment by our governments. And due to the high degree of sh!t on the TV. I decided to start watching my DVD collection. Done all of Babylon 5 including movie and spin off. Now i am on season 7 of the X-Files. So i have just seen the whole saga of the consortium that govern world events from behind the curtains. Has they say creating the future. That been one lead by aliens who have planned to colonize the earth with the means of a virus! We always hear of the aliens that are already here in the shadows. What if this very plot line for the X-Files is in some form ewhat is going down? The elites was promised the world in return for there co operation. What if the vaccine is infact the virus that is planed to wipe us from the face of the earth? After all it is written in stone that only 500million should be allowed on this world to live in harmony with nature. All food for thought in these days.

Watched this video. And towards the end a doctor tell of a cancer patient who he treated with budesonide and it cured her within days! And even tested negative twice for covid. Has anyo e more information on this type of medication been used to treat convid? Is this medication that i am prescribed for my asthma what kept me safe whe my son caught convid last October?

it s been a while but it seems like there was a doctor on the glenn beck radio show that spoke of treating people with budesonide

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Soft imprisonments with curfews.
Defaced with masks.
Vaccines we dont want or need.
Now texas is having their dark winter.
Where will they hit next?
This year will probably be worse than last.
Killing people in hospitals that don’t even have covid.
Now killing people with the vaxx.
Its a real sick agenda they have going on.
Where are they that are doing this? Hiding out in some bunker no doubt.
We could get a lynch mob together and have a public hanging and end all this shit. But thats not going to happen.
Im just tired of all that is happening.
I have a 6 yr old and when i think of his future (what future) its very depressing.
How long is this going to go on , the worst is not here yet!! :disappointed::disappointed::broken_heart:
Lets all pray our lord jesus comes quickly​:pray::pray::pray:


WOW, AWESOME VIDEO, needs to be spread everywhere!!!

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this video need more views, its devastating!