Inside the Bent Pyramid, closed to the public for 50 years

Bright Insight channels recent visit to Egypt.





Never a tomb… :beers:

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He went over with Ben from UnchartedX…I would give my left nut to tag along on that sort of tour…I’m not 100% but I think Ben has also put out a video on this…

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Gee thanks for this topic got to say i love history especially mid east and the pyramid thing too, very cool topic well suited to us folks here so big thanks il have a watch now and get back on thoughts after watching,

J,A, West was a very cool researcher too i remember him well a pioneer researcher.

So thanks brother please add more to this and or post more of these topic its a great change from arguing and bloody politics uggh who isnt sick of that stuff on here now lol aye.

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I’ve already given one hence why I’ve only got the one this time :rofl: :beers:

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I swear that corballed ceiling thats stepped up into the roof,
im certain they contained some kind of technology long gone now,
thats what my guts tells me, technology of some sort very high tech too.
Possibly some kind of wireless power grid world wide?

Like a world wide electric wireless fence???

I suspect the bent pyramid was an attempt by the Egyptians to replicate building a pyramid.
As the pyramids of the giza plateau pre dated their rise as a civilization. Their contribution being restoration efforts primarily, not construction.

Alot depends on if the bent pyramid is connected by the underground cave system that is present beneath the giza plateau.

It’s more extensive than portrayed here, but it gives an idea.

John Anthony West was one, mainly the one who in my younger years helped to open my mind to the realization that civilization pre dated sumerian origins.
In his own way Graham Hancock did as well.

Mystery of the sphinx in 93 started me down the path of pre historical research.

Since then many discoveries have shown human histories, in the civilizations building sense, are much older then taught.


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In addition reference to this comment.

Ah ha, that’s the one mate, I haven’t actually watched it yet :beers:

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