Is the game coming to an end?

Another cdc admission? Seems like a daily occurrence this world renowned organization flip flops on this plandemic with confusing and contradictory statements.

Hat’s off to Tucker. I’m surprised fox allowed this…

The Orwellianism, tyrannical appeals to authority, and one dimensional group think has barely even begun Silver. Tis going to get real eerie I imagine before we come out the other side.


It would not matter in NC if people were dropping dead by the dozens because of masks our dictator-governor would tell people to keep wearing them, It will never go away in NC as long as we our Hitler Wannabee


I can only rely on one from here on out.
My aunt, who’s backed me on this whole bs pandemic, or at least I thought she did, caved and is self quarantining because she now thinks she is infected.
Here is additional info on pcr test, btw:


This could all be a big test for an ever bigger event in the near future. I think this is a shot across the bow for those of us who have a little more insight than the average man. A wake the heck up moment for those of us sleeping with one eye open,


This common knowledge.
The masks are not to protect the user, it is to lower transmition.


If they don’t protect the user from getting it how does it lower transmission?

It’s all psychological bs…


If you’re wearing a mask but someone else is not and they cough droplets could still get into your body through your eyes, masks lower transmission by keeping people sneezes, coughs, & breath contained to themselves. Common sense

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Don’t forget…

If this is such a horrific virus and more and more P
people are coming up positive, then why are used masks not considered hazardous waste?
We now see used masks lying in the ground in shopping center parking lots like used diapers…

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@ItsMe123 Masks have been shown to only reduce spread by a ridiculous %…it’s more of a placebo than anything.

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Right…no entry equals no brain.

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Yeah, this has been known by most medical professionals for a long time. The issue with that CDC statement is that they don’t clarify what kind of mask one should wear (considering the case that masks are to prevent sick people from getting other people from getting sick). The reason I say this is that N-95 masks have an “exhale valve” that provides ZERO exhaling protecting:

Most people who wear N-95 masks use the ones that have the exhalation valve. This is because this mask was originally built to filter toxic fumes and dangerous molds that consist of very small particulates.

So, now the CDC has a conundrum in their statement…if wearing a mask is to only protect those not infected then they need to be very clear about what kind of mask one should be wearing.

Almost all types of masks (from surgical to simple scarf/cloth) will spew exhalation based particles through and out the sides of the mask…however it will protect people from the larger particulates which typically are “mucus particulates” that are large enough to be visible by the human eye once they land on a surface.

Soooo…masks help everyone to some degree…but it heavily depends upon the type of mask as to “how much it will help”.

Surgical masks were originally built to prevent any saliva particulates from spewing outward from the wearer and to prevent any large particulates from reaching the nasal and oral regions. When in surgery there are instances where something might “rupture” and cause a spray with a mist of blood particles. This is why most surgeons wear a mask and goggles or face guard.

The reason for the goggles is to protect the eyes. If you were shopping in a grocery store and someone’s kid has COVID-19 and sneezes in the isle over from the one you are currently on…a “cloud of aerosol particulates” will remain in that isle region for several minutes and depending upon the AC air cycling system could be there for tens of minutes. Many people don’t make their smaller kids wear masks, which in the scenario described would create an even larger “cloud”. If you happened to be heading to that same isle in the grocery store and are wearing a mask but no goggles…then you have a reasonably high chance of walking into the mist/cloud and contracting the virus through contact of the particles with your EYES. The eyes have tear ducts and the tear ducts feed directly into your sinus cavity…thus the infection can “creep” into your system this way and you were wearing a mask, the parent was wearing a mask, but the young kid/baby wasn’t.

So…it isn’t perfect…masks do provide some level of protection…but nothing to the degree that is being conveyed by the media.

Finally, Silverfox… you should check out Tucker Carlson more often…pretty much they talk about all sorts of stuff that the left wing propaganda media doesn’t talk about…and they are always very clear if they have verified information or if they are still verifying information when they have “breaking news”. Really, everyone should watch at least 1-2 news segments of both right and left news media groups per week…it will give you both sides of the current “big story of the day/week” and it is pretty easy to figure out who is telling the truth and who is trying to “dodge the story”.

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To answer the thread question…nah(we will survive).

Minor virus…over exaggerated…more to come,imo.

Nature…we are not going to win…planet(s),cycles,ect.


Hey its me, are you who i think you are. …?

Very familiar eye there huh Rob

Yeah man, …:slight_smile:

It may catch spit and big droplets from your mouth and nose but viruses are small enough to pass through the material just as easily as your breath passes through it…this is real common sense if you can breath through the material it doesn’t stop viruses from coming in or out… :man_shrugging:

@Danny_28764 @RatRodRob she a disinfo shill sirs?

I do not know Brenda.