Is the world run by a Satanic Cult?

My title is a question to which I am sure the answer is yes (to a large degree) - my belief is that those elitists we know of -be it 13 bloodlines or whoever- are only “puppets” or instruments to another “force”.
I have been following and researching a fair bit of this so called conspiracy theory over the years and to me it is becoming more and more of a conspiracy fact.
It just blows my mind though, how these stories do not make main stream news in any country. Shows the depth of corruption and how far the elitists influence spreads and how interwoven it all is, all over the world.

I am tempted to ask the obvious, how can this be stopped, what needs to be done? Do we sit back and “Trust the plan”?

What I do know is that we are certainly in for some exciting times. My thoughts are with all of the Trump supporters especially in the USA. I am eagerly following every bit of news I can and cant wait to see what is going to happen regarding the “election fraud”.

One final question: Can any one recommend a good short video clip that one can use to try to wake up the masses of sheep. I tried using this here back home but to many it seemed too much like election propoganda, or they just did not get it. :expressionless: Killing the mocking bird

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I firmly believe this whole world is run by a full satanic cult thats ancient in origin
and has had in place a program or agenda to destabilise society everywhere enough so that the human race screams for order from the manufactured chaos and the “order” is already pre-planned and in place ready to go as usual.

Its the cult of hayel el or ha satan or azazel the fallen watchers class angelics etc,
and there hybrid cohort of chaos.
They want us all enlsaved to them whats left of us after the tribulations however they are not going to succeed like they fell at the tower of bab el they will fall again but this time for good thank you God.

Your right and you know, the real “force” is spiritual in nature it is sublime beyond our comprehensions and its tentacles reach into the most obscure of places beings ideas thoughts and the deepest darkest recess of the human conditions.
Its a powerfully frightening awareness to have however the saving grace is the
real power of our father in heaven and the son of man.
Without them we have had it, were done for.
Spirit is not made of flesh and blood, it resonates at frequencies beyond measurement art the present like a wheel spinning so fast it cannot be seen but only sensed or felt as some kind of analogous concept of descriptions etc.
Im a bit stupid but im nobodies fool.
I see what you see,
im confirming that with you.
My best weapon to fight this hideous satanic “thing” going on is to try to put the full armour of God on and stand tall in the face or pure evil manifested on this physical plane of existence.

Take care good luck good post and thanks for inspiring my thoughts.
Your a good person because you speak what is our reality without fear-bravo/
without JC and God we are flocked big times forever, yikes!!!


You Are


Short Answer


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If you know what symbols they use and you watch closely… you’ll realize nearly all of the media are satanic monsters. In fact I’m positive you can’t become a ‘celebrity’ without pledging allegiance to the satanic cult.



…the whole world lies in the power of the evil one

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There is no stopping it. Epstein was the scapegoat gatekeeper, which was meant to appease the people make them believe such atrocities were dealt with.

There was one way to stop them, but then everyone got om the government Qanon psyop train, stopped listening to the original Anonymous group.
. Now, any who dare mention it will be written off as a cultist.
Now, they will expand their war and drag as many belevers to death as they can.

Only thing you can do is watch your children like hawks, stop letting the TV/corporate news lie to your children. Stop looking towards men for your salvation.

FYI, Q comes from the animé Death Note. Q in this anime was an Uber intelligent anonymous detective with a gift of insight that allowed even the most elusive criminals to get caught by him. This is where the persona of Qanon was takem from. It has nothing to do with govt clearance levels, as the highest level Per my understanding, is clearance level Black, FYI.

Wanna stop them? Stop looking to any mortal government official to help you. Be more involved with your vulnerable family members. More involved in your communities. They have such power, because we are divided. Living within a few feet of each other yet complete strangers to each other. This… Is the crux of their power. And because it isn’t changing anytime soon, they won’t be losing power any time soon either.


Thank you for that informative answer Omegas.
What do you think about the theory that Q is JFK junior?

Thank you Citizen. So from early days, the Knights Templer, for example were or had an Satanic connections? Is there any “concrete evidence” that adrenochrome is being produced at various locations around the world in your opinion?

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Satan is running ramped right now in the Demorats :japanese_ogre:

That is essentially rigjt for all industry especially positions at the top etc.
The whole of society is assoxiated with this luxiferian cult. One way or anothers.
Its designed that way.


This cult organization was founded by the sons of Cain…
The first recorded builders, smiths, and masons.
Those who started the occults.

Here is a snippet most do not know.
I found this about 3years before the outbreak.
Started telling folks 20/20 would be the year of seeing…

Yea… bout that.

The symbol of the illuminati is a dead give away
that this has been planned for a very long time.
Before the illuminati was even orchistrated.


Heres another clue to think on…
The black eye club.


I Totally Agree…


Nothing is a Coincidence

There is so much that could go into this thread.

The occults roots run deep into the world.
Its no wonder that God burns it all.

The core ROOT must be removed to heal mankind.

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This probably isn’t what you are looking for but it got my Dad on board. That and it’s about 2 years old now.

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Saddest part is that many are part of it and dont even know it.

We raise up a monster to “root” out the swamp creatures.

Once the dust settles… we are left with a hydra that man alone wont be able to defeat.


Oh I Hear Ya…

It’s Even Worse Than That