Is there going to be a Snapping Point?

Going to start with that I am just expressing thoughts and conjecture from my own point of view.

To me it seems clear to me American society is making enemies out of each other. An absolute divide.

When I saw this tweet

shows me how easy for one abandon their family. If it is that easy turn on their family, what would happen to these individual when they have no connection at all. As if the they will receive worse for when those they put in power turn on them.

Which got me to look at reddit front page that I haven’t looked at in ages and looked through comments of this post

which the twit and some of the comments continue to paint people as enemies and take this story for example. painting an enemy and expressing the desire of violence.

My husband is kind of introverted. He’s quiet and calm, and never swears in front of the kids, even though they’re in their 30’s. Our youngest daughter has been visiting for the last couple of weeks. When they showed that video, my husband just exploded. He yelled “Bash that fucker’s head in with your baton! Fuck these people, they deserve to get killed! Whack that ugly hillbilly right fucking now!” And he went on for a few minutes. My daughter and I looked at each other with our jaws on the floor, because it was so completely out of character for him.

At this point I think title should have been “We are Enemies”. That is all I see happening. Enemies being made or created. Reddit really likes idea of violence on their enemies, even if the punishment isn’t on par with the “crime”.

Along my surfing out of boredom and curiosity I found this video

Now with the video posted about the guy on the no-fly list thus looking like we are pushing people into corners. Is there going to be a snapping point? “We are enemies” and hope we don’t face each other on the battlefield.

There is more I’d like to put other there but I think I posted enough to express my view point. Looking forward to other points.


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Nobody but trump fans think that it’s cool to storm the capitol kill cops and hunt for Pelosi and Pence.

The point snapped Wednesday.

It makes no sense to me that people are surprised at the witch-hunt that’s going down.

Did you think everyone would go home and everything be ok?

That’s a perfect example of entitlement.

They deserve everything that’s coming to them.

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It looked “mostly peaceful” to me.

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I didn’t hear anything about killing cops, and when I looked into about the pipe bombs, they were in a car before the protest begun as it was planted, like when bricks were planted before the BLM protest/riots.

I find it fishy and perceiving something is trying to force citizens against each other by painting things in colours they should be.

Except here in Arizona we got real horny toads! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Rare, but they’re here. Very chameleon like that blend really well. Pretty docile, too.

Whats the difference?

One involves a feather, the other… a chicken. :flushed:

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What the…? :flushed:

It’s not just America, it’s happening in the whole world. Here in Croatia people reported a guy who was warning folks about an impending earthquake thru social media. He is in jail now. The earthquake did happen. The charges were inciting unrest.

It looks to me people are divided a lot lately. Smells like 1943 Germany…

That is crazy. Was the guy a geologist or something?

Not really, more like an astronomer. Apparently he figured out something with comets and the connection with earthquakes and sun activity.

I swear you people are the biggest hypocrite bigot sociopaths on the planet.