Is This Stuck Ship a Warning About Excessive Globalization (?)

One year ago, a virus raised it’s head from China and has directly affected everyone on planet Earth. What we learned was that some how while we have ALL been sleeping. The Powers to Be moved 90 plus % of industry out of the United States and other countries into China. Taking away from Their People to subsidize another. The Chinese Communist Party Graciously allowed this Capitalistic monetary system to be employed in China.

One year later roughly, we have learned that it is not good to have one country providing everything to the rest of the world.
For example:

  • Masks
  • Ventilators
  • Gloves
  • PPE suits
  • Face shields

All made in China. When their virus numbers started to rise. They shut down the exports out of China. Leaving the rest of the world without those needed items and more.

It shows this push for a global everything deleting sovereign nation states is very dangerous if we all have to rely on one entity to provide for the world. It Just Doesn’t/Didn’t worked.

Clearly, China Failed

In Suez Canal, Stuck Ship Is a Warning About Excessive Globalization

The shutdown of the vital waterway and its impact on trade underscore the world’s reliance on global supply chains.

"LONDON — The world got another warning this week about the perils of its heavy reliance on global supply chains. As a single ship ran aground in the Suez Canal, shutting down traffic in both directions, international commerce confronted a monumental traffic jam with potentially grave consequences.

The troubled craft is not just any vessel. The Ever Given is one of the world’s largest container ships, with space for 20,000 metal boxes carrying goods across the sea. And the Suez Canal is not just any waterway. It is a vital channel linking the factories of Asia to the affluent customers of Europe, as well as a major conduit for oil.

The fact that one mishap could sow fresh chaos from Los Angeles to Rotterdam to Shanghai underscored the extent to which modern commerce has come to revolve around truly global supply chains."


All production abroad is pure greed ! From medication to vaccines .
Now the people will pay the price, Bet you they will hike the prices now !

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I suspect it’ll have a lot to do with oil prices, they’re shooting up already! Oil might be only one aspect too though?

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First thing i thought is maritime sabotage?
Great way to force prices up and collapse big industry via accident?


This blows me away.

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