Is This The Real Agenda Behind Covid And The Vax?

This is a good read about what is really behind fake covid and the vax, ties in graphene, 5G and mind control over the world’s populations.


" Delgado reports that from February 2020 to September 2020, covid was being treated successfully with N-acetylcysteine as well as glutathione. (Apart from ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.) It worked by interfering with the cytokine storm, by eliminating the thrombotic coagulant phenomenon. When a drug or food works, it is because it interferes with the causative agent of the disease.

Glutathione eliminates, or, at least, reduces graphene oxide. So, they speculate that graphene oxide was the cause of COVID-19. Not a virus, but graphene oxide. They speculate that the same graphene oxide was introduced into the population via the flu vaccines in 2019. With the graphene oxide in place, all that was needed was for the 5G network to be turned on to produce COVID-19. In other words, the effects of 5G on those infused with graphene oxide were identified as COVID-19. A new disease was born."

I would invite a read into 2020060606A pdf in connection with this information.

The two seem to be linked in some fashion. My layman guess is that the 5G signal is used as a switch… to control behavior. If you have no guns, and the Vexed populace will do as you say, there is no army you would need. A worthy experiment, in their estimates.


There’s a very long list…

I’m thinking the search terms should be explored…


It would be interesting to see a study done on how many people got covid that were and were not vaxxed (of any type vaccine) in the last 5 years.


Right? Meanwhile, take a peek at this… The use of Graphene to detect Covid within microfibers and masks… So being tested may actually be as dangerous as exposure?

I also have read and believe that graphene is in our food supply (genetically engineered foods) fruits, vegetables and also injected in livestock which would explain magnetic meat.

I have gone strictly organic/non-GMO foods (which I previously was skeptical of but not anymore) and buy meat locally in my area.

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“Why did N-aceylcyseine (NAC) work against COVID-19? Because it is an endogenous precursor of glutathione and directly reduced the graphene oxide. In other words, doctors who were successfully treating patients with N-acetylcysteine were treating them for radiation poisoning, not a viral infection. On June 17, the WHO tried to prohibit the commercialization of N-acetylcysteine even though it’s been on the market for fifty-seven years. The WHO and the medical cartel have worked to exclude N-acetylcysteine and hydroxychloroquine as treatments for COVID-19.”

I take NAC every day now. And I have enough to last me six months. This after I got wind that the FDA was trying to take NAC off the market. The FDA was also trying to re-classify Vitamin D as a hormone, also keeping it off the shelves. This must never happen!


Check out this stuff, it’s not glutathione but rather a precursor for the natural synthesis of glutathione. If you have ever read/listened to Dr Judy Mikovits, biologist/virologist who exposed Fauci over the HIV/AIDS scandal, she highly recommends this product.

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Good stuff. I saw this enzyme in a book about natural remedies last year and thought to buy some just because of genetic issues. Just bought two bottles :grinning:

interesting… I was just looking over this paper myself: Naturally Occurring Variation in the Glutathione-S-Transferase 4 Gene Determines Neurodegeneration After Traumatic Brain Injury

I may try it.

" * The Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI), a consortium of 18 medical research institutions, has committed $17.5M annually, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), after their initial study of ProImmune®, to research and conduct clinical studies regarding ProImmune®’s influence on various aspects of healthy, including aging. The contract is for five (5) years and a total of $87,500,000.00"

Interesting indeed.

Most natto enzyme extract supplements would probably do the same thing for your blood. Proimmune is just another brand.

THATS why the Japanese people live longer lives with less strokes and atherosclerosis! Because they eat their moldy soy beans every day. AHA!

@clawspiracy Gold mine, bro. You probably will have saved some lives with your thread. Applause

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This is the artist:

Although I could not find the section in the video… BUT, as “luck” would have it, I will be at that airport on Friday. So maybe I might get a closer look.

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Didn’t watch the video, but I grew up in Denver and have been telling people about the creepiness of that mural for almost 2 decades

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Everything about Denver is creepy.

I’m going to tear down every building and return it to the buffalo and the pot guts.

One elevated highway across the chaparral

Heres the link to all his stuff

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