Is This The World's First Real-life Retractable Lightsaber?

Very cool, way better than I could ever hope to attempt but wake me up when we got an ‘actual’ lightsaber and not a glorified backpack torch.

It works similarly to how lightsabers do in the movies and is by far the closest we’ve ever come to having a real lightsaber.


So cool…reminds me of the old scepters :beers:

Well, that really impressed me.

Plasma? What? Glassblowing (specifically Lampworking) is my hobby and I actually own the torch that this is based on (GTT Mirage). It is an oxygen / propane fuel mix. The blue you are looking at is simply an oxygen rich flame. Where are they getting “plasma” from??

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This was invention was just posted a week ago. Was awsome though!!

Your correct. This one is not plasma. And technically isnt a light saber either but is what was refferd to as a proto saber. Powered, fueled by backpack. :sunglasses:

Yall think thats impressive? I have a buddy who works with Water Jets, basically you cut shit with a hose that shoots water so fast it cuts things…even metal, without leaving any fire damage like something that uses fire would:

Soon to be ordered by Police forces near you

“Got to catch them all”

Now then…that was very, very cool. 4000 degree cool!

Hat’s off to those clever blokes.

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