Israeli Jewish Antifa hacks KKK website, doxxes members

I know it’s illegal and an intrusion on privacy but… good job Israeli Antifa.


In other words, f’k the law and f’k your rights if it’s for a…”good cause.”


Melenialz ffs

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And unless you are a kabal bloodline member, which we all know you are not, they hate you too and they will come for you at some point and some one will be saying "I am glad they got that douchebad and string his dumb A** up. Any group that silences the words of people you hate will silence you one day unless you are of then So when they come to your door be sure to thank them personally


On top of being in the KKK, Kevin James Smith is a child rapist. Filth!

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The comment wasn’t about supporting or not supporting any particular group. It was about Law and Rights.

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I’ll give you another example.

What if it was a pedo site they hacked?

A terrorist site?

Child sex trafficking group?

To me the KKK is right there with those groups.

Literally one of their leaders is a pedo.

But yea let’s defend pedos rights…

Nice work!

Just playing devil’s advocate, but pedophilia and child pornography are crimes. Hanging out in white sheets with your buddies whispering the N word is not. Be careful those things you’re willing to excuse because they target the “right people.” On that note, since it wasn’t a government doing this, I have no real opinion. So one group of low lifes attacked another group of low lifes, who gives af.


It was a huge leap and an incredibly low browed spin to toss pedophilia in there and then insinuate I somehow defended it…but you go ahead and do you joe.

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Oh man that is class 1 course 1 in the leftist agenda to tie something they hate in with something no one approves of in the first place. It is why when you disagree with them they call you facist or racist or nazi. That is the first lesson in Shill 101e


Crazy how that happens right.

I’m guessing you didn’t read the article?

Kinda says it all right there don’t it?

To echo Danny’s point above… Have to appreciate how this post is a trap designed to infuriate privacy and freedom of speech advocates, meanwhile passively and perhaps behind the scenes painting them as “possible” racists. Projection 101 - the AK47 of establishment character assassination.

How school yard projection such as this gets a pass not to mention… is unsettling. You’re better than this Joe, seriously I’m kinda rootin for you to overcome your emotions and straight up rock the logic like Leonard Nimoy, but yer just not stepping up to the plate man.

Actually to be fair Sleepy you echoed a very wise point the other day, no one ever bothers to ask “why?”. Here is another great opportunity to ask why… Why are the KKK such hateful bastards? Why do they feel the way they do? Same goes for BLM, the Black Panthers, ISIS, Nazis, Antifa etc. etc.

If you want to continue that thought… I think we might come to an understanding.


I’m confused are jewish people declaring white pride is forbidden?

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