Israel's War On Truth. Paid Shills And Trolls With Entire Centers Of Workers Paid For With Tax Dollars


They come thru here on disclose

They can only swim in the shallow end.

We are strong medicine


Crazy that they have to go through such lengths… to fight antisemitism?? Funny, the TRUTH never needs defending. Sick frauds. Paid for by US tax dollars no doubt. Zionist lobby is the worst of the worst

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Video blocked here…how can I see it otherwise?

While not the same video on the same topic.

Truly the most despicable people on the planet. Also keep in mind many Israelis know Russian, impersonating Russians or acting as “Russian hackers” is certainly a part of their schemes.

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Come through? Some are damn near residents with more sock puppets than No entry could dream of!

Some people sock puppet, others give them reason to do so. Hehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You right but i doubt they are the only ones somehow.
I dont think mario is a jewish zionist hehe,? or is he? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
i have a few jewish friends and they hate the hasidic and zionists in israel no kidding.

Thats why i cant get on a total blame trip like i used to cos i think many world wide occult orders are involved like jesuits and masons and many others from many nationalities.

10 kings/nations and the synagogue of stan.
Many are on board with this.

People may get away with the most heinous of crimes down here on earth
but nothing gets past the eye of God, not one ever will either that you can be assured of.

[ZION] Bots

I don’t either, in fact I’m having very serious doubts of whether all those sock puppets that were attributed to him were actually his…

The true sock masters are observers and are very adept at mimicking others.

No Entry is pro catholic , pro E.U.


Guess his master plan of swaying everybody’s opinions by trying to make some think he had people that agreed with him.

What a sad boy. Sad sad sad little little BOY.

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