It ain't over: New lockdowns in fall, cyber pandemic summer

This psyop is far from over. They are just going to let everybody play while the guinea pigs are shedding God knows what. I’ve already watched it in numerous social settings.

People that are now saying they aren’t going to live in fear anymore should think a bit more about the nature of this whole planned demolition.

Does anybody really think they are just going to let this suddenly go away? Be prepared for everything to go back into full lockdown this Fall. Covid Pass and mandatory vax are still coming. Enjoy your summer of cyberattacks.


Totally agree … we will be back in lockdown before the end of summer.

We had a major incident in our local city last night (Glasgow) – football fans tore the town centre apart and had clashes with the police. Now this does happen from time to time but these fans were out celebrating winning the league and there were no opposition fans. They were fighting amongst themselves in the hundreds.

Is this a behavioural control psy op? … or is it coincidence with the usual suspects behaving as they have done in the past?

… and to throw a little fly in the ointment – there was a biblical prediction that a disease would befall man … around this centuary, it would come and go with little incident, then 10 years later it would happen again with dramatic consequences … then … the Beast!

Just sayin :joy::grimacing:

I will try to find verse on the above.

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