It must be an open joke

When the UK’s governments health team get together and discuss ways of keeping the population, scared, dumb and easily controlled. They must not imagine people have the ability to go to the horses moth - so to speak, and ask it some pressing questions; questions like why are we being told we are in a new third wave when hardly anyone is dying from Covid in England’s hospitals.

Whilst the Covid-19 fear-porn industry is currently in full-swing – scaring the multitudes with talk of new variants, third-waves and rising cases – in an effort to soften up the public for an extension to the restrictions I thought I would compare this time last year with the current trends using the NHS’s own death data, and see if we are heading for the predicted doom scenario the so-called experts at SAGE are currently promulgating to the masses.

This time last year - starting from the 3rd of June hitherto the 10th there was a combined total of 663 deaths (averaged out to around 82 people a day). Over the same period up until today, 28 people (3.5 daily average) have been recorded as having died with Covid. Just to put that in perspective, that is a 96% reduction in deaths from this time last year, when we were told the first wave had ended.

From late April, up-until the current day (the Indian variant has been present since April) daily deaths from Covid-19 in England’s hospitals has not been higher than 14; and if we were to make some assumptions about those who were in hospital for something else, but tested positive whilst in Hospital, those numbers could me much lower.

To further ram home this point: Ten times as many people are dying in England from Flu and Pneumonia.

This whole fking sorry saga is turning into a damp squid. I just wish more people would stop reading the script.

Link to data: Statistics » COVID-19 Daily Deaths (


People think the government has our best interests at heart and care about our health yet Alcoholism easily kills far more people yearly but it’s still sold by the truck load and advertised on tv constantly. Too much money being made to ban it.


I got this strain of smoke that tastes so good, I wonder what the UK’s finest taste like


I am smoking a strain called the dogs bollocks. I thought the guy was taking the piss, but that’s what it is called. Tastes and smells a bit like lemon kush.


It’s a Joke with capital J.

Team dumbo got jabbed, he was so proud in the team call he got it, no adverse effects, only his lymph nodes were a bit swollen he told us :see_no_evil:. Why did you get it? Going to Spain on vacation, he didn’t went as he called in sick few days later.

beeeeee, covid kills, lets get vaccinated
“new” covid version materialises
beeeeee, covid kills, lets get vaccinated again
“new” covid version materialises
beeeeee, covid kills, lets get vaccinated again
“new” covid version materialises
beeeeee, WTF is wrong, I’m dying but I’m fully vaccinated, let’s get one more shot, it may save me


We are living in a golden age of stupid.


Stupid pays, heard stupid can get free lap dances and go on vacations.
I’m starting to self isolate of stupid, stupidity is shedded nowadays.


Although I completely agree with your argument, the peaks of purported COVID deaths in 2020 and 2021 were a few months apart, so the difference in deaths between June 3rd-10th is somewhat expected.

On a side note it’s taken approximately ~4.5 months of lockdown in both years to go from peak COVID deaths to roughly zero COVID deaths, those being with and without the jab. If the jab was saving lives as claimed I’d expect it to have taken less time for such a transition than the year prior.


I’m picking its got something to do with the ‘emergency use authorisation’ of these vaxxes… its obvious they couldn’t get them thru under any other circumstance, the state of fear must be kept up in order to keep the status quo for the stakeholders…


what are ya smoking bro? Its all the cakes right now still or have they moved on again, I can’t keep up! someone on here had wedding cake a while back, sounded really nice :ok_hand: we just got old school stuff here in nz, AK47 my fav I love the cedar notes and earthy flavour…

Except it ain`t funny…



Its self inflicted euthanasia by gross stupidity.
They are a danger to all sane normal humans.

They carved it in stone under 500 mil.
Ten commandments of Satan in georgia.
It would be ludicrously funny if it weren’t quite so sad.


At first…they pretty much put every death as Covid.

Now more people question…and realise they are full of shit.

That’s why there is pretty much no excess deaths based year on year.

Unfortunately the sheeple have destroyed any chance of holding them accountable,as unvaccinated is minority.

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Completely agree.

So many of the sheeple I speak to say…“But I want tobe able togo on holiday”

I hate to say it but…Natural selection will probably catch up with them soon.

I hate to say things like that…but I do trust the non government paid virologists,epidiologist…etc etc.

So many dumb people just don’t get it.


This needs to be a bumper sticker!

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Joints for jab? Have a marijuana joint for a covid shot.
Fed: we’ll allow this.
Also Feds: for now.

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Its not so much that all of them are entirely dumb,
but more like they have been mentally spiritually emotionally psychologically and even physically conditioned since birth to conform with the dictates of the system that governs them,

to break free of this system takes a long time a lot of mental anguish study research and a dose of good luck too probably or divine intervention and its a never ending pathway once your on it any way and it requires of the human condition a rare form of courage and strenght most peoples psychologically dont have in life they are too busy just trying to survive and thrive the system has it that way on purpose so its very hard process to even get started let alone break free on all those levels.

Once free its usually a very lonlely path too…/ :+1:
Pretty much on your own cept maybe the odd one out you meet or know.


Who knew that the movie, Idiocracy, was not so much a comedy farce, but a glimpse of the future.